Miss Dauin 2023

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental


The search for Miss Dauin 2023 was participated by 12 lovely ladies. Battling in wits, beauty, grace, and figure, these candidates will face a pageantry adventure like no other. Check our gallery below and see the candidates in their production number, play-wear competition, evening gown and find out who is the winner of the Miss Dauin 2023 beauty pageant.

Miss Dauin 2023 – Coronation Night

The Miss Dauin 2023 Coronation night pageant started eight o’clock at night. The program started with the respective prayer (in a form of doxology), singing of the national anthem and the Dauin hymn. Then the real show began! The candidates opened the night with the production number in a modern twist of a Filipiniana dress. From the first moment it was clear, that the judges will have a hard time, finding a winner.

After the production number, the candidates of the Miss Dauin 2023 pageant went quickly to the backstage to slip into something what the organizers called play-wear. This is replacing the bikini round in the wannabe-political correct world. There are certainly different opinions about that topic.


The preliminary round of the question and the answer was made right after the play-wear competition. Here, the candidates are challenged to answer with wits and confidence. All tried their best to stay calm and answer the question. After the question and answer, they changed outfit again!

The lovely candidates dressed up in their lovely evening gowns. They sparkled as they graced the stage with their poise and elegance. Almost no one tripped or fell on stage! They must have worked those six inched heels day and night. Not long after the evening gown competition and top three Q&A a new queen was crowned!

Congratulations Miss Dauin 2023!!!


Watch Miss Dauin 2023 Video here:

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