Miss Valencia 2019

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

Miss Valencia 2019 Coronation Night was by far one of the smoothest and fastest beauty pageants the DC-Team covered this year. It was entertaining, nerve-wracking and exciting. For this year’s beauty and brain competition, eleven lovely ladies from Valencia participated. They battled through different categories; production number, playwear, evening gown and of course the Q&A portion. Did you miss the event? Read more and see the pictures below!

Miss Valencia 2019 – Coronation Night

The Mutya ng Valencia 2019 or Miss Valencia 2019 was held on October 10, 2019, at Valencia covered court. The program kicked-off with an opening prayer and the signing of the National anthem. Then a few speeches and reading of sponsors were made. After that, the production number started. This year’s production number is inspired by the drama/romance film “The Greatest Showman”.

One by one the candidates stated their names, age and representing barangay. After that, the play wear competition was made. Instead of having a nice bikini or swimsuit round, Valencia chose to have a play wear attire. A sports bra with ruffles and shorts with an overall skirt. It was playful yet eye-catching.

Of course, a beauty pageant won’t be a pageant without the evening gown and Q&A portion. After a short intermission, the candidates graced the stage with their poise and charm wearing a line of silver evening gowns. Minor awards were given and then the Top 6 were chosen. An elimination round of question and answer was made to determine the top 3 of the competition. Not long, the top three were chosen and a new queen was crowned.

Congratulations Miss Valencia 2019!

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