Miss Bindoy 2022

Coronation Night

Miss Bindoy 2022 - Coronation Night

The coronation night of Miss Bindoy 2022 was held last April 4, 2022 at the Bindoy Gymnasium. Bindoy is located about 70 kilometers from Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental. It is known for the Mantalip Reef and for its friendly & hospitable people. There were eight lovely candidates participating in the search for a new queen. Did you miss it? Check out the gallery below!

Production Number

The program started with a prayer and the singing of the National anthem, respectively. Then, the real show started with the production number. The candidates graced the stage with their lively dance in a flowy bright orange dress. They were also accompanied by the Miss Bindoy 2021 winner during the opening number.

Swimwear Competition

Swimwear or bikini rounds are usually the hottest part of the competition. Candidates can show of their sexiest catwalks, fierce looks, big smiles, and simply play around the stage on how they see fit while wearing their bikini. For this year’s pageant, the organizers decided to have a bright pink monokini.

Evening Gown

After the swimwear or “monokini” round, the candidates went quickly backstage to change into their evening gown. While they were changing, a few intermissions were made as well as speeches. When the candidates were final ready, they charmed the stage and the audience with their sparkling gowns. One by one they went out of stage and putting on their best smiles and great poise. A quick question and answer followed the parade. In which, each candidate was tested in not only their beauty but their wits as well. Not long, a new queen was crowned!

Congratulations Miss Bindoy 2022!

Miss Bindoy 2022 Winner
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