Video of Miss Bindoy 2019

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

Miss Bindoy 2019 was held last April 04, 2019. In celebration with the Libod Sayaw Festival 2019 and Bindoy Fiesta, the beauty and brain pageant played an important role. Eight lovely candidates joined in the search for a new queen. During the selection and coronation night, the candidates had to present themselves in a production number, bikini, and evening gown. One crown, one title, who will be the next Miss Bindoy 2019?

Watch the Miss Bindoy 2019 video here:

The organizers for this year’s event were able to project their theme of princess fairytale and elegant enchantment. The stage was surrounded by real tree trucks with branches (recycled as decoration from the road clearing project of Bindoy). Lights of green, yellow, orange and purple surrounded the stage. Actions do speak louder than words, and true to their advocacies, Bindoy used to recycle plastic to create a garden like a stage made of plastic bottles. Making everything environmentally friendly and enchanting.

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