Miss Bacong 2016

Mutya Ng Bacong 2016

Mutya Ng Bacong 2016 or Miss Bacong 2016 was a Beauty Pageant held during the Leon Kilat Celebrations 2016 in the municipality of Bacong just South of Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental – Philippines. Eight lovely candidates presented themselves during this event to the spectators on the big plaza in front of the municipal hall in Bacong.

The organizers allowed us to have a sneak-peak backstage where the eight contestants were waiting nervously for the show to start. See below some of our backstage snapshots as well as some of the judges and other VIPs.

The event started in time and was honored by the audience with loud cheers throughout the whole pageant. This is one point many organizers fail in. If letting thousands of people fall asleep with endless delays, one won’t wake them up again when the event finally starts. Score 100/100 for the organizers of Miss Bacong2016. Following some images of the:

Miss Bacong 2016 Production Number

The next round was for the candidates to present their talents, or what the handlers thought could pull some good scores from the judges. However, the contestants did a good job and everyone watching their performances was pretty good entertained.

Miss Bacong 2016 – Talent Round

We only can guess the political correctness did not allow the candidates for Miss Bacong in a Bikini or in swimwear. The substitute was called “playwear”, but it somehow looked a little bit more like a rather unlucky re-design of a Walt Disney Minni Mouse dress. However, the beauty of the eight contestants was out-classing this attire by a mile and a half, but see yourself.

After a loss of power, which did not last too long, it was time to see the lovely smiles in evening gowns. For us it was hard to pick a winner, as all eight young ladies were gracious, beautiful and simply stunning. Well, this is the job of the judges anyway… Our job was to take some pictures and simply enjoy the view of so much beauty. We hope you enjoy it too!

Congratulations Miss Bacong 2016

Miss Bacong 2016
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