Bacong – Negros Oriental

Bacong is a small coastal town neighboring Dumaguete City on its south. It is the smallest municipality of the Negros Oriental in the Philippines, whose people were renowned for their bravery since the times of the marauding days of Moro pirates. Bacong is considered as a 4th class municipality of the province. It is was divided into 22 different barangays, which are governed by their respective barangay captain. The municipality can be accessed and explored rather easily from the provincial capital, Dumaguete City.

The municipality has a total population of 32,286 in 5, 332 households according to the National Statistics Office (NSO) data which was recorded in the 2010 Census. The language spoken by the majority of people in the town is the Cebuano dialect. It is located 8.5 km south of Dumaguete City, a 10-minute drive, and covers an area of 25 square km. By public transportation, you can take a jeepney which plies the Dumaguete – Bacong route or board a Ceres bus to Bayawan and then get off at Bacong.

Bacong Negros Negros Oriental Municipality Hall

Brief History of Bacong

Founded in 1801, the historical importance of Bacong is well documented: it is the birthplace of General Pantaleon Villegas, Negros Oriental’s hero and only Katipunero, whose birthday is celebrated as “Leon Kilat Celebration” every July 27. Also, Barrio Isugan was the location of a battle between the Filipino and American soldiers. Every 28th of August they also Celebrate Fiesta Saint Agustin.

Economy of Bacong

Fishing and farming are one of the primary sources of income for people living in this municipality. Bacong was divided into several different political barangays that were governed by their respective barangay captain. Tourism, BPO companies, and technology-related activities, the academe, and retail industries are the other important sources of income for the city.

Getting to Bacong

Bacong is the municipality next door of Dumaguete City which is found 8.5 km south of the Dumaguete City proper.

Easy rides are one of the most convenient rides especially for locals in getting to the municipality of Bacong. The terminal for Bacong is located in front of AHL Richie & AHL Rose along the Santa Rosa Street crossing. It will cost about Php 10.00 and will take 15 minutes to arrive at the outstanding Bacong Plaza.

Another option would be taking a local jeepney. Terminal for jeepney is located just in front of Robinsons Place Dumaguete along the crossing of Valencia Road (Jose Romero Road). This jeepney terminal travels for Zamboaguita and will pass the municipalities of Bacong and Dauin, therefore, it will be wise to tell the driver or the conductor ahead of time to stop you of at where you want to be.

Riding the bus is also a good option. Since Dumaguete has only one bus terminal, which is the Ceres Bus Terminal, it will not be hard to find where it is. Traveling time of course varies but will take about 10 minutes after departure. Fare prices vary as well depending if the bus you will be taking is air conditioned (about Php 50.00) or regular non-air conditioned (about Php 15.00).

Barangays of Bacong Negros Oriental

  • Malabago
  • Mampas
  • North Poblacion
  • Sacsac
  • San Miguel
  • Balayagmanok
  • Banilad
  • Buntis
  • Buntod
  • Calangag
  • Combado
  • Doldol
  • Isugan
  • Liptong
  • Lutao
  • Magsuhot
  • South Poblacion
  • Sulodpan
  • Timbanga
  • Timbao
  • Tubod
  • West Poblacion

Usefull Contacts In Bacong

Bacong Municipality Mayor: Lenin Alviola
Bacong Municipal Vice Mayor: Joy Alviola 
Bacong Munucipal Hall:
(035) 424 8100
Rescue Team/Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM): (035) 424 – 8103
Bacong Police Station: (035) 424 8104, Hotline 0915 995 1638
Fire Station: (035) 424 8104 or Dumaguete Fire Station: (035) 225 3445 ,or (035)  422- 9672
Bacong Sangguniang Bayan office: (035) 424 8100
Bacong Municipal Budget Office: (035) 424 8101
Bacong Municipal Treasurer office: (035)424 8102
Bacong Municipal Engineer office: (035) 424 8103
Bacong Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator office: (035) 424 8103
Bacong Municipal Accountant office: (035) 424 8326
Bacong Municipal Assessor office: (035) 424 8326
Bacong Municipal Health office: (035) 424 8837

Hospital: call Dumaguete Hospitals:

Provincial Hospital: (035) 225- 9285,225 9286
Silliman Medical Center (035) 225- 3917
Holy Child Hospital   (035) 225- 0247

Sinulog de San Miguel Festival

San Miguel, one of the municipality’s bigger barangyas, marks its local fiesta with a distinctive Sinulog de San Miguel, whereby the archangel and his heavenly army are portrayed as battling the forces of evil. This fiesta is part and parcel of the Filipino culture. Through the good times and the bad times, the fiesta must be observed. Each city and barrio has no less than one local festival of its own, typically on the feast of its own patron saint. Therefore, there is always a fiesta going on at someplace in the region. However, the major and most detailed festival of all is Christmas. This season is celebrated with all the pomp and glamour that the fun loving Filipino can handle.

Public Schools in Bacong

Unlike other municipalities Bacong has a relative small numbers of Elementary- and High Schools. One reason is the relative small area of Bacong. The ways are not too far, so the schools have generally more pupils than large municipalities which need a school in almost each Barangay due to the distance between them. Secondly, many pupils go to the nearby capital of Negros Oriental to attend one of the private schools, which is supposed to deliver education on a higher standard.

Public Elementary Schools in Bacong

Bacong Central SchoolIsugan Elementary SchoolSan Miguel Elementary School
Buntod Elementary SchoolNazario Tale Memorial Elementary SchoolTimbanga Elementary School
Calangag Elementary School Sacsac Elementary SchoolTimbao Elementary School
Fausto M. Sarono – Tubod Elementary School

Public High Schools in Bacong

Buntod High School Buntod Ong Che Tee – Bacong High School National Highway, Sacsac Bacong San Miguel National High School San Miguel, Bacong

All information about public schools were provided by the DepEd Negros Oriental

Landmarks and Tourist attractions of Bacong

Landmarks which mark the points of interest in Bacong include the Bacong Church and the Negros Oriental Arts and Heritage Factory. The belfry, said to be the tallest clock-tower in the province of Negros Oriental, with winding steps to its top, and was used as a sentry point for the seafaring pirates.

The Church of St. Augustine of Hippo and Pipe Organ is one of the most visited tourist attraction in the municipality. It was completed in 1865. It is located by the sea with the main church altar being regarded as the oldest in the province and so it is one of the key attractions for the devotees as well as tourists in Bacong. Its pipe organ originated from Zaragosa, Spain and was set up in 1894 by the efforts of Rev. Joaquin Soriano, its first parish priest. Other key tourist spots include the string of beaches along Bacong shoreline. Those are very famous during weekends, during dry season, when thousands of Negrense flock to the beach to have some quality time together.