Buying 30 Mini Ambulances in Dumaguete

June 07, 2019 – by LUPAD Dumaguete “City of Gentle People” posted on Facebook

There will be 30 Mini Ambulances in Dumaguete City worth of 30 million pesos. Funded by the local Disaster Risk Reduction and management fund of 2018 & 2017, this proposed mini ambulance will maximize preparedness.

Buying 30 Mini Ambulances in Dumaguete

To fully utilize the funds of the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund of 2018 and 2017 totaling P 30.1 million, the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council chaired by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo approved several projects including the purchase of mini-ambulances for each of the 30 component barangays.

City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Rizal Benatero said that CDRRMC has proposed the following purchases and projects to be funded by the balances to maximize the city’s preparedness and response during calamities.

Among those approved in the shopping list are the following: purchase of 30 mini-ambulance, P 9 million; purchase of full size ambulance, P 3 million; penetrator fire truck, P 4.5 million; mobile base radio, P 342, 000; radio antenna, P 170, 000; signage for evacuation centers and disaster prone-areas, P 200, 000; water purification truck, P 2.5 million; mobile generator set, P 800, 000; mobile kitchen, P 800, 000; fuel, lubricants during operations, P 694, 000; various equipment for rescuers, P 1 million and water trailer, P 900, 000.

Meanwhile, other proposed expenses will also involve the construction of water tower, P 500, 000; conduct of CBMS, P 5 million and the repair of evacuation center P 358, 455.65.

Benatero added that the city also plans to buy the so-called “ambocycle” that will promptly respond to any emergency that will operated by a well-trained first responder capable of maneuvering the unit amid heavy traffic so that first-aid can be administered to victims of accidents or disaster.

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