Miss Tayasan 2019

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

Miss Tayasan 2019 - Coronation Night

The search for Miss Tayasan 2019 was participated by eight beautiful ladies. The selection and coronation night were held on June 12, 2019, at the Tayasan Municipal covered court. Aside from the beauty and brain pageant, Tayasan celebrated the Calle de Bailar 2019 Festival and variety show.

Miss Tayasan 2019 – Coronation Night

The show started a bit later than mentioned in the schedule. The program started with the respective prayer, followed by the singing of the National Anthem then a welcome speech from various honorable people. After that, the production number was made. Since the program started a bit late, the supposed to be a talent portion had to be canceled. The pageant gods blessed all the spectators with a fast and smooth show.

Production Number

The organizers of the pageant committee made the production number a bright yellow and sun inspired. The candidates danced with a yellow flowy skirt paired with a yellow headdress. The crowd cheered as the candidates introduced themselves.

Play Wear

After the production number, the candidates went quickly to the backstage and prepared for the hottest portion of the competition. The play wear round! They wore a silver top and shorts with an accessory of a silver fan. They graced the stage with their fierce, confidence and twirls.

Evening Gown

After the play wear, the candidates slipped into their evening gowns. This year’s evening gown competition is themed with gold. After walking around the stage with poise, they each had to go through the elimination round of Q&A. The top 3 were chosen after the elimination round. Not long, a new queen was crowned.

Congratulations Miss Tayasan 2019 Winners!
Watch the video here:

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