Dumaguete City Government Offices

The City Hall of Dumaguete is located between Quezon Park and Rizal Boulevard. The space at this location is limited. Therefore many Government Offices are in other buildings throughout the city. The DC-Team run many times against walls when looking for contacts and locations of the offices in Dumaguete. Many available info were outdated or incomplete without phone numbers, names or the appropriate location. We visited many of the Offices in Dumaguete over the last weeks and put together a list of Dumaguete City Government Offices including their location, duties, contact numbers and the Head of Office. This list might not be complete but is the most up-to-date and comprehensive list available (updated September 15, 2021)

Santa Catalina St Dumaguete City Hall

Dumaguete City Hall Offices

Dumaguete Mayor:
Honorable Felipe Antonio B. Remollo

City Hall: (035) 225-3775, 225-2808, 225-1282, or 225-0640

Vice -Mayor: Isabel Sagarbarria

Vice Mayor office: (035)225-0344, or 422-2522

City Administrator

Head of Office: Mr. Ricardo M. Gonzales
City Hall – 2nd Floor – Contact: 225 – 4818, 225-4563, 226-3647, or 421-0591

Duties of City Administrator:

  • Business Registration
  • Issuance of motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit (MTOP)
  • Operators of Motorcycle for Hire (MCH)
  • Issuance of Mayor’s Permit for Drivers of Motorcycles for Hire
  • Renewal of Mayor’s Permit for Operators of Multicabs or Easyrides/PUB/PUJ/V-Hire
Dumaguete Mayor 2016 Felipe Antonio Ipe Remollo

Office of the City Council

City Government Department Head, Secretary to the Sanggunian
Atty. Arthur Fran Tolcidas
Contact: (035) 225-0636

City Accountant

Head of Office: Doreen Paulina C. Bechayda
City Hall – 2nd Floor – Contact: 422-9496, or 225 -2577

Duties of City Accountant Office:

  • Record Keeping of City Transactions
  • Processing of Payments to Creditors and Others

Internal Audit Service Unit

Management & Audit Analyst III
Mr. Remilando E. Ramirez
Contact: 225-3066, or 422-9494

Dumaguete Tourism Office

Tourism Head Of Office : Mrs. Jaqueline Veloso Antonio
Contact: (035) 225-0549, 422-3561,  or 422- 9409

Sports and Games Office

Mr. Ike Xavier S. Villaflores
Contact: (035) 422- 8109

City Treasurer

Head of Office: Cristina M. Merced
City Hall Ground Floor – Contact: 422-2514, 522-0841, 225 2820, 225-4477, or 422-7239

Duties of Treasurer Office

  • Payment of Real Property Tax
  • Securing Clearance / Certification of Real Property Tax Payment
  • Payment of Transfer Tax
  • Calibration/Registration of Weighing Scale/Other Instruments
  • Payment of Amusement Taxes on Admission / other Places of Amusement for Sponsored Concerts
  • Payment of Amusement Taxes on Admission for Cockpits
  • Payment of Amusement Taxes on Admission for Movie Houses
  • Securing Business Permit / Tax Clearance for Renewal / New Business

City Planning and Development

Head of Office: Ms.Leonides P. Caro
City Hall 2nd Floor-contact: 225-1638, or 225-1559

Duties of Planning and Development Office:

  • Issuance of True Copy of Simple Subdivision Approval
  • Issuance of Simple Subdivision Approval
  • Issuance of Preliminary Approval Locational Clearance for PD 957, BP 220 and Memorial Parks
  • Development Permit for BP 220, PD 957 and Memorial Parks
  • Socio-economic Profile of the City
  • Socio-economic Profiles of the Barangays
  • Maps (Cadastral, Topographic, Thematic, and Digital Maps)
  • Zoning Clearance
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Copies of Land-Use-Plan/Zoning Maps

City Environment and Natural Resources

Head of Office: Rossel Marie Garcia
City Hall Ground Floor – contact: 225-9981, 422-2539, 0921 283 4555

Duties of Environment and Natural Resources Office:

  • Issuance of Environmental Permit (Garbage fees)
  • Collection of bulk garbage
  • Permit to cut trees

City Population Commission

Head of Office Laume Quijote
City Hall 2nd Floor, contact: 226-3979

Duty of Population Commission Office

  • Issuance of Pre-Marriage Counseling Certificate

Local Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office

Head of the Office: Mr. Jose Q. Chiu, Jr.
Contact: (035) 226-3483, 522-1877, or 522-1880

Public Information

Head of Office: Dem Rey Demecillo
City Hall 2nd Floor,(035) 531 5240

Duty of Public Information Office

  • Press Releases and Information Dissemination

Human Resources

Head of Office: Ruperto C. Tenorio
2nd floor City Hall, Contact: 225 7723, or 422-6350

Duties of Human Resource Office

  • Special Program for Employment of Students
  • Public Employment Service Office (PESO)
  • Availing by Employers of Employment Facilitation Services
  • Securing Local Employment Referrals

City Dumpsite Ecological Park

Contact Person: Ms. Felecitas Barba
Contact: (035) 522- 0735

Offices in GSO Building (City Hall)

Dumaguete GSO Building

The GSO Building is on the left side when facing the City Hall.
you will pass the left-side building of the City Central School.

General Services Office (GSO)

Head of Office:Azucena Gonzales

GSO Building, City Hall Compound, Contact: 225-3956, 225-2429

Duties of General Service Office

  • Garbage Collection
  • Procurement
  • Property Custodian

City Assessor

Head of Office: Mr. Rowell Balbon
2nd Floor, GSO Building, City Hall Compound, Contact: 422-5214, 225 2854

Duties of City Assessor

  • Appraisal and Assessment of New and Undeclared Real Property Units Including Machineries, Reassessment of Renovated Buildings for Taxation Purposes
  • Issuance of Certified Photocopies- Certifications of Real Property Units.

City Budget

Head of Office: Antonieta D. General
2nd Floor,GSO Building, City Hall Compound, Contact: 421- 0348

Duty of City Budget Office

  • Transfer/Segregation/Consolidation of tax Declaration of Sold/Subdivided/Consolidated Lots

Office of the Senior Citizens Affair

administrative Officer I : Mr. Gregorio A. Tinio
Contact: 422-2625

City Livelihood & Home Industry Development Office

Data Entry Machine Operator III: Ms. Melchie Dorado
Contact: (035) 225- 1918

Sectoral Desk: Renato Laping
Contact: (035) 225-6465


Dumaguete City Hall (Colon Street)

City Health Office

Head of Office: Maria Sarah B. Talla
City Hall Compound Colon Street, Contact 422-8115 or 225- 2535

City Civil Registrar

Head of Office: Ruperta C. Baguasan
City Hall Compound Colon Street (beside Fire Station), Contact 422-8118, 225-5853

Duties of Local Civil Registrar Office

  • Issuance of Reproductions/True Copies of Civil Registry Records
  • Delayed Registration of Live Birth Records
  • Application for Marriage License
  • Filing of Petition for Change of First Name (CFN) or Correction of Clerical Errors (CCE) R.A. 9048

City Legal Office

City Government Assistant Department Head I
Atty. Doram Dumalagan
Contact: 226-1694, 422-9454, or 225-1511

Dumaguete Fire Stataion

Public Library

Head of Office Gima G. Cornelia, Colon Street, City Hall 422-0074

Dumaguete CEO in Looc

Dumaguete City Engineers Office

City Engineer

Head of Office: Edwin C. Quirit
CEO compound, Barangay Looc, Contact: (035), 225- 3401 ; 225-0317; 225 3860, 422 1653

Duties of City Engineer Office

Dumaguete City HITC Building

City Livelihood and Home Industries Development Office

Head of Office: Eduardo P. Mondarte
HITC Building, Colon Street 225 1918 or 225-5003 extension for city mayor office and city funeral support

Funeral Services

Person to contact: Mr. Reginaldo Manolo G. Cordova
Contact: 225-5003

Duties of City Livelihood and Home Industries Development Office

  • Skills Development
  • Micro-Enterprise Training
  • Manpower Pooling Program

City Nutrition Office

Head of Office: Lourdes A. Taburaza
HITC Bldg, Colon St., Contact: 225-6465

Duties of City Nutrition Office

  • Food Supplementation Program

Dumaguete Offices at the Public Market Complex

City Veterinarian

Head of Office: Dr. Lourdes S. Socorro
Public Market Complex, Contact: 422-8128

Duties of City Veterinarian Office

  • Slaughtering and Inspection of Small and Large Animals
  • Fish Inspection Services
  • Livestock Production and Protection Services
  • Anti-Rabies Vaccination Service
  • Pest Control Services

Dumaguete (PESO) Public Employment Service Office

Community Affairs officer IV
Ms. Maria Socorro P. Mira
Building II, Public Market, Dumaguete City
Contact: (035) 226- 3530

Dumaguete Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Office 

Building I, Second Floor Fruit Market Building ,Public Market, Dumaguete City
Dumaguete COMELEC Head of office:
Atty. Gildo Ramirez Agoncillo

Email: comelec.dumaguete@gmail.com

Contact: (035) 422-1736


City Economic Enterprise (Public Market)

Head of Office: Engr. Jose Ronnie A. Fortin
Public Market Complex, Contact:225-2058,422-8112, or 225-4553

Duty of Economic Enterprise Office

  • Payment of Fines by Apprehended Ambulant Vendors
  • Payment of Fines for Violations of Stall Holders
  • Issuance of Market Clearance for Renewal of Business Permits and Licenses

City Agriculture Office

Head of Office: William Ablong
Building 1, Fruit Market, Colon Street, Contact: 422-8107

Duties of City Adriculture Office

  • Availment of Animal Dispersal Assistance
  • Availment of Agricultural Inputs (Fertilizers, Seeds, and Feeds)

Dumaguete City Traffic Management Office
Contact Person: Mr.Danilo P. Atillo

Kiwanis Building Quazon Park Dumaguete City
Contacts: (035) 225 – 1662; 226 – 3866 or 422 – 2538
Hotline 866 ( Crustelco)

Dumaguete DSWD office

City Social Welfare & Development Office ,
Dumaguete DSWD,

Head of the office: Ms. Carola S. Alquero
Boulevard, Dumaguete Negros Oriental
Tel (035) 225-9887, 255-0637

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

Agapito Valencia Drive
Taclobo Dumaguete Negros Oriental
Tel (035) 225-4848; 225 5147 or 225 6345 (more Info: BIR Dumaguete)

Metro Dumaguete Water

Metro Dumaguete Water

Diego Dela Vina Road, Daro, Dumaguete City,
Negros Oriental 6200.
Hotline: (035) 522-1266; 522-1263;
(035) 225-8914; 422-8310; 422-6961; or 422-6960
More Info about Applications here Metro Dumaguete Water