Dumaguete City Treasurer’s Office

Dumaguete City Treasurer’s

The City Treasurer is in charge of the finical facts and statuses with in Dumaguete. The City Treasurer’s Office offers the different services like: Issuance of Community Tax certificate, Payment of Business License and other Fees, Payment for Real Property Taxes, and Payment of Tax on Transfer of Real Property Ownership.

Issuance of Community Tax certificate (Cedula)


  • Verified / examined / validated gross receipts on business / RPT valuation (business owners)
  • Verified and validated gross income from profession (for professionals, employees, and self-employed)


Step 1. Fill up the required form
Step 2. Proceed to CTC/CEDULA Section

NOTE: Senior Citizen/ People with Disabilities (PWDs) / Pregnant Women may use the Priority Lane

Payment of Business License and other Fees


  • Accomplished Application Form from Business Permit/ License (New and Renewal)
  • For Corporations/ Partnerships/ Cooperative (New Applicant):
    • E.C Registration/ CDA Registration/ Article of Incorporation/ Article of Cooperation
Santa Catalina St Dumaguete City Hall


Step 1. Secure tax clearance form and pay. (If necessary, make clarificatory inquiries)
Step 2. Accomplish and submit application form (Verification Counter)
Step 3. Applicants for tax delinquencies and obligations should ask for a computation/assessment and print-out of delinquent taxes. Pay delinquent taxes (For new business applications, please proceed to City ENRO office)
Step 4. Present application for evaluation / validation of gross sales/receipts
Step 5. Secure and pay Community Tax Certificate (CTC)
Step 6. Proceed to Real Property Tax Division for verification of real property tax payment
Step 7. Proceed to City Treasurer / Assistant City Treasurer for approval of tax clearance
Step 8. Present duly accomplished business applications / approved tax clearance to business assessors
Step 9. Pay Business License and other fees
Step 10. Proceed to One-Stop-Shop area/ Permit Section

Payment for Real Property Taxes


  • Latest tax payment Official Receipt.
  • Copy of Tax Declaration


Note: For first timers, please proceed to the City Treasurer’s Office and make clarificatory inquiries before following the payment steps.

Step 1. Present latest Official Receipt (if available) and/or owner’s name /Tax Declaration then receive RPTAR (Real Property Tax Account Register)
Step 2. Present RPTAR (Real Property Tax Account Register) and latest Official Receipt (OR)
Step 3. Pay taxes due and receive Official Receipt

Payment of Tax on Transfer of Real Property Ownership


  • 2 photocopies of Real Property Tax Declaration
  • 2 copies of Deed of Sale / Extra-Judicial Settement / Exchange / Affidavit of Consolidation or any applicable document proving transfer of property
  • 1 set Documentary Stamp
  • Official Receipt of latest real property tax payment
  • 2 copies of Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) or any proof of payment.


Note: If availing of the service for the first time proceed to the Real Property Tax Division and make clarificatory inquiries

Step 1. Present the required documents (For verification/confirmation of real property tax payment)
Step 2. Review of documents presented, computation of transfer tax
Step 3. Pay transfer tax
Step 4. Ask for the day & time to get/secure the Transfer Tax Certificate
Step 5. Get the Transfer Tax Certificate and sign the logbook

Dumaguete.com is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT the City Treasurer’s Office!
For ANY related question, get in touch with the office!


Dumaguete City Treasurer’s Office
Ground Floor of City Hall,
Sta. Catalina Street, Dumaguete City,
6200, Negros Oriental


Tel. No (035) 422-2514, 522-0841,
225 2820, 225-4477, or 422-7239

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  1. Avatar
    rizza says:

    hi i have question regarding the payment of our real estate property tax.
    how to pay if the owner is based on Manila. ?

    we have lot in Balugo Dumaguate,
    please help me to pay our real estate tax.

    Many Thanks,
    RIzza Quimora

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Good day!
      Please contact the appropriate office. You may find the contact number of the Dumaguete City Treasure’s Office in the article above.

      Best Regards,


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