Dumaguete City Nutrition Office

Dumaguete City Health Office

The City Nutrition Office is in charge of conduct nutritional-related programs for the well-being of the people living within the city. Different services are provided like:

  • Massive Operation Timbang Plus (Weight and Height Taking)
  • National Dietary Supplementation Program – thru Supplementary Feeding and Fresh Milk Feeding Programs
  • National Nutrition Promotion Program for Behavior Change
  • Food Fortification
  • Micronutrient Supplementation

Massive “Operation Timbang”

The Massive “Operation Timbang” will be conducted by the City Nutrition Office every first quarter and September of each year and shall serve as basis for identifying would-be beneficiaries for feeding program (underweight, stunted, wasted). Mothers who wish to avail the services must first attend an advocacy session (National Nutrition Promotion Program for Behavior Change) which will be held at their respective barangays.

Dumaguete City Nutrition Month

Underweight pregnant mothers (to be screened and identified by the midwives) are to avail of the feeding program for them to deliver newborns with normal birth weight (2.5 kg and above). National Dietary Supplementation Program will be provided 5 times a week to the identified underweight and wasted 25-71 months old children. Fresh Milk will also be provided to stunted 25-71 months old identified thru height taking. Complementary Food is given to 6 months -24 months old underweight/ stunted and wasted children.

To avail any of the services, please bring the following requirements:

  1. Nutritional status of child based on latest weight and height taking conducted.
  2. For mothers to bring ECCD Card (Early Childhood Care & Development Card).
  3. Barangay Certificate of residency and indigency of family.

General Procedures:

Step 1. Check schedules of their programs and service
Step 2. Present the requirements to avail the service
Step 3. Attend the necessary meetings/guidelines of the service
Step 4. Receive the service

Dumaguete.com is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT the City Nutrition Office!
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Dumaguete City Nutrition Office
Colon Street, Dumaguete City,
6200, Negros Oriental


Tel. No. (035) 225-6465

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