Dumaguete City Health Office

Dumaguete City Health Office

“Health is Wealth,” as they all say. Here in the City of Gentle People, the Health Office is in charge of caring and evaluating the health and well-being of any patient or any citizen in need within the city. They provide programs and services that would help the basic problem of the society. This includes feeding programs for the malnourished children, seminars and feeding programs for pregnant malnourished mothers, and other services.

Although the City Health Office is no hospital, they offer consultation services and does a great job in advising any health-related needs.


  • Registration Card
  • PhilHealth / ID Card
  • Registration Fee: PHP 20.00


Step 1. Proceed to the respective barangay health centers or CHO. Provide the necessary information.
Step 2. Submit to examination.
Step 3. Receive the prescription.
Step 4. Proceed to the pharmacy and sign receipt logbook.

Dumaguete City Health Center

Dumaguete.com is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT the City Health Office!
For ANY related question, get in touch with the office!


Dumaguete City Health Office
Colon Street, Dumaguete  City,
6200, Negros Oriental

(035) 422-0798 or (035) 225- 2535

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