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Having a business in Dumaguete – or anywhere in the Philippines – one need to register their business with Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and that Business Owner need to have a TIN (Tax Identification Number)
BIR is not issuing TIN Number if it’s for ID Purpose only. The TIN or Tax Identification Number should be used by Tax Payers only.

BIR Requirements for Registration (Single Proprietorship)

  1. TIN (Tax Identification Number)
  2. Application form #1901
  3. Mayor’s Permit
  4. DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) Certificate of Registration
  5. Registration Fee (Form #0605) Php 500.00
  6. Notarized Lease Contract (if renting)
  7. Sketch of Business Location
  8. Books of Account
  9. Documentary Stamps
  10. NSO (National Statistics Office)Certified Birth Certificate of Applicant
  11. Marriage Contract (if married)
  12. NSO (National Statistics Office)Certified Birth Certificate of dependents
  13. BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue)Certificate of Registration of main business (if Branch)
  14. Franchise Agreement/ Contract (if franchisee)
  15. Sworn Statement of Capital.

Update the COR (Certificate of Registration)

If a tax payer need to Update their COR (Certificate of Registration), here is the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue)Requirements.

  1. Original BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) Certificate of Registration (Affidavit of loss, if lost)
  2. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission )
    DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment)
    CDA (Cooperative Development Authority)
    DTI (Department of Trade and Industry )
    Certificate (if Change in Trade name
  3. BIR Annual Registration Fee Current year
  4. Notarized Lease Contract (if renting)
  5. Open Cases Payments
  6. Documentary Stamp from BIR.

BIR Requirements for Closure of Business

  1. Notice of closure or cessation of business
  2. Surrender BIR Certificate of Registration
  3. Open cases payments
  4. Inventory of un-used receipts/ invoices
  5. Surrender un-used receipts/ invoices
  6. Current books of account
  7. List of ending inventory of goods, supplies including capital good (if VAT) (Value added Tax)

TIN is a life time Identification number and not transferable. Always indicate your TIN on all returns or documents filed with BIR.

Any person who secures or uses more than one TIN shall be criminally liable and shall be punishable by fine and imprisonment.

For more information and inquiries please call BIR Dumaguete.
BIR Dumaguete
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