Things to Do in Dumaguete & Negros Oriental

Action & Adventure

Apo Island

Dumaguete City is more than just a place for sightseeing and park walks. It is the Gateway to the wonders and adventures of Negros Oriental. There are so many Things to Do in Dumaguete & Negros Oriental such as exploring caves or mountain biking near the hills and even scuba diving the water paradise of the world below. From the Northernmost part to the Southernmost part of Negros Oriental, adventure and thrill awaits.


One of the most common type of adventure here in Negros Oriental is of course trekking. The closest trekking from Dumaguete City is in the municipality of Valencia. The Mt. Talinis is an inactive volcano in Valencia and is well known for trekking and camping. Another great place to go trekking is Mt. Kanlaon; the highest point in the whole island of Negros. Although when the alert levels are high, trekking near this active volcano will probably not be the best thing to do.

Trekking on Mount Talinis Negros Oriental

These are the most common place to go trekking in Negros Oriental. However, if one is really into the unknown adventures just can ask the tourism office of any municipality or city to give you a guide to the nearing possible trekking sight.

Bird Watching

Negros Oriental is indeed blessed with thick forestry not only to lure visitors of its refreshing views but to shelter some of the rarest creatures on the island. The Negros bleeding-heart pigeon and the Visayan Hornbill are some of the known rare birds found only in the island of Negros (and some of Panay). They can be seen here on Negros Oriental near the Lake Balinsasayao of Sibulan stretching their wings to the embrace of nature. Bird watching should definitely be in your Things to Do in Dumaguete & Negros Oriental!

Another place where one can go bird watching is the Amlan Zoo and Adventure Park. Although it does give more than just bird watching, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Spelunking and Caving

When it comes to spelunking and caving, say no more! The municipality of Mabinay may not be blessed with coastal areas but it sure does have a lot of caves. In fact, Mabinay is known as the Cave Capital of the Philippines due to hundreds of both known and unknown caves in its area. It caters different levels for all sorts of visitors who dare venture its ‘cavy’ wonders. Most of the Caves in Mabinay are developed so one should not worry too much.

Although Mabinay famously known for caving and spelunking, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of undiscovered caves all over the island. Some may be found in the municipality of La Libertad and even Basay.

Mountain Biking

Done too much with only your feet? Why not try on some wheels? Mountain Biking is one of the most rewarding adventure you can do while visiting the wonders of Negros Oriental. There are so many trails to follow and even tour packages to avail for mountain biking. If you are staying in Dumaguete City, the best DIY (do it yourself) tour is just go up towards the municipality of Valencia and then back. There is also the option of going to the neighboring towns of Bacong to Dauin or even just Sibulan.

Snorkeling & Swimming

Since Negros Oriental stretches about 275 kilometers of coastal area, it is no wonder that most tourists that visits love to go swimming and snorkeling. There are tons of sanctuaries in Dauin along with other visit-worthy beaches in Zamboaguita, Siaton, Santa Catalina, Bayawan, Basay, Vallehermoso, Tayasan, Amlan, and basically every municipality of Negros Oriental.

Aside from the grand tan lines and beach bumming there are also swimming grounds in the mountainous areas like Valencia and Sibulan. The Casaroro Falls and the Pulangbato Falls in Valencia are great places to visit and swim at. The Twin Lakes in Sibulan is also a great place to swim and unwind to.

Scuba Diving

Most of the tourists visiting Negros Oriental comes to explore the underwater paradise along the coastal wonders of the province and the world known Apo Island; just a few kilometers from the coast of Dauin and Zamboaguita. There are a wide selection of Beach Resorts in Dauin that offers scuba diving in Dauin and Apo Island.

Nightlife in Dumaguete – Bar Hopping

When you are one of those nocturnal people who are into having a good time at a new place, try venturing the energetic nightlife of the city! There are many places where you can have a booze and dance all night long. During peak seasons, fiestas and festivals, clubs aren’t even necessary because the whole area will be partying along the streets all night long.

If you are elsewhere in Negros Oriental, be aware that bars and clubs aren’t so popular in rural areas. However, one can always grab some beer at a local karaoke bar and still have loads of fun.

Food Trip

If there is one thing you can never be in Negros Oriental, it is HUNGRY! Food Trips are some of the new gig everyone is trying while visiting other places. While visiting other municipalities and cities in Negros Oriental, try the specialties of Budbud/Bodbod (sticky rice) of Tanjay, Bayebaye (sweet & dust delicacy made of rice flour) of Bayawan and Silvanas (special delicacy) from Dumaguete City.

Dumaguete alone has hundreds of restaurants and food outlets that serves local and internationally inspired cuisines from the kitchen. Therefore, food trips are highly recommended for those whose taste bud are open to explore new flavors. Filipino favorites are also served with different twists and turns. But your food trip would not be worthwhile if you haven’t tried BALUT!


Since Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental, it is now know as the Gateway to Negros Oriental and it’s wonders. So come and visit Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental…where the fun starts naturally.