Tourist Spots in Valencia

Tourist Spots in Valencia - Negros Oriental

The municipality of Valencia in Negros Oriental is known throughout the region for being very progressive. It is geographically located in the mountainous areas of Negros, therefore coastal activities and beaches are not to be expected. However, Valencia can offer more than you can imagine. From lush greenery to hidden treasure of waterfalls and education museums, the different Tourist Spots in Valencia will surely give you a thrill like no other.

Check out the different Tourist Spots in Valencia below!

Forest Camp

Straight from the nearby mountains of Valencia, the natural cool waters of Forest Camp are enjoyed by thousands of locals and tourists all year round. Forest Camp is only a about 2 kilometers and few minutes ride from the Valencia town proper via a tricycle or a habal-habal. For a small entrance fee of less than three dollars (150 pesos), one can venture the natural paradise of Forest Camp!

True to its name, Forest camp is surrounded by lush greenery and a nature-friendly atmosphere. There are several pools filled with the natural cold waters flowing from the mountains. Tables and chairs are also available all over the premises and can be used freely. For bigger groups, tents and cottages are available for a small fee.

Aside from swimming and enjoying the forestry view, there are other recreational activities one can indulge into while visiting Forest Camp. Zipline and wall climbing are now available to give you a safe adrenaline rush while in the midst of nature. Night swimming and overnight accommodations can also be availed for those who long to savor the nocturnal presence of Forest Camp.

Pulangbato Falls

Another gift of Mother Nature to the municipality of Valencia is the Pulangbato Falls. The term “Pulang Bato” is a dialect phrase that means red rock. This red princess flows into a basin surrounded of red rocks. Scientists have not materialized and analyzed what caused the rocks to be red, but one thing for sure it is clean and safe!

Pulang Bato Falls - Valencia - Negros Oriental

The premises of the waterfall are developed by the Tourism Office of Valencia but ongoing construction and renovation, however, are done every now and then. There are chairs, tables, and sunbathing chairs to make your Pulangbato Trip as convenient as possible. Pulangbato Falls is closer to Dumaguete City, but most travelers take their ride from Valencia town plaza for the sake of convenience in visiting the different Tourist Spots in Valencia.

Just like in Forest Camp, the waters at Pulangbato Falls are as cold and refreshing. There are two sets of manmade pool that can be both enjoyed by children and adults. A small snack bar is open to serve you some cold beverages, desserts, and basic meals. When looking for a place to go for a cool dip, try visiting the Pulangbato Falls of Valencia.

Red Rock Hot Spring

After a cold dip at the Pulangbato Falls, try stopping by at the Red Rock Hot Spring located 850 meters down from the waterfalls. The Red Rock Hot Spring is a great place to relax those sore muscles of yours! It also rejuvenates your whole body and cleanses your skin. The reddish rocks that surrounds the famous hot spring gives a nice mix to the scenic view of the nearby hilly grounds and trees.

Casaroro Falls

Many of those who have been to Casaroro Falls can surely give the testimonies of the pros and cons of this towering beauty! The only negative part of this tourist spot in Valencia is the 350+ concrete steps and the challenging trek. For adventure seekers, the Casaroro Falls may be for you! After the walk down, one must face the huge boulders and flowing waters to reach the tranquility of the falls.

Unlike the rest of the Tourist Spots of Valencia, the Casaroro Falls does not have any tables and chairs in the main grounds. There are comfort rooms on the way to the falls and concrete cements that appear to be chairs, however, it is advisable to bring foldable chairs and towels when visiting the Casaroro Falls.

Many could be discouraged in venturing the beauty of the Casaroro Falls, but surely just a glimpse of the waterfalls can give you instant relief making your hike and walk all worthwhile (not to mention the perfect picture scenery).

Japanese Amity Shrine

When it comes to sceneries views, say no more than the Japanese Amity Shrine! Aside from the great historical importance of the Japanese Shrine, the holy grounds are used today as camping sight and spiritual development sight for youth organizations or simply an outing with friends and family. Among the different Tourist Spots in Valencia, the Japanese Shrine is one of the most important and sacred attraction.

The Japanese Shrine is a symbol of strength, peace, and unity among the three nationalities (Filipino, American & Japanese) that molded the municipality of Valencia today. The Japanese Shrine is located in the hilly sides of Valencia facing Dumaguete City & Sibulan. A clear and breath-taking view of the neighboring islands of Cebu and Siquijor can be seen from the shrine. One can enjoy the fresh air and the singing birds as time slowly passes by.

Valencia Plaza & Cata-al Memorial Museum

For those who aren’t into swimming, hiking or city views, there is always the option of roaming around the Valencia Plaza. A playground, basketball court, and a tennis court are available for those who love to be physically active. For those who loves to chill, the Valencia Plaza is surrounded by flowers and plants one can enjoy too. Late in the afternoon, one should try the famous crispy and savory lechon belly (pork belly)!

Aside from the Valencia Plaza, there is another Tourist Spot in Valencia that one could find educational and inspirational gains. The Cata-al Memorial Museum is just an ordinary house filled with memorabilia and personal items from the cold war. From hand grenades to bullets, guns, helmets, uniforms, knives, books, tanks, coins, watch, and so on! The Cata-al Memorial Museum in Valencia is also a great place to stop by in order to know the history of Valencia and how the war molded the town.

Valencia is full of great attractions both natural and recreational. From enjoying nature’s beauty to an educational and historic curve, a visit to this municipality would surely give you a blast! Come and visit the Tourist Spots in Valencia, Negros Oriental, where the fun starts…NATURALLY.

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