Amlan Zoo

Amlan Nature and Adventure Park

Amlan Zoo & Nature and Adventure Park

The Amlan Zoo  & Nature and Adventure Park is just a short 30 minute ride away from Dumaguete City and worthwhile a visit throughout the year. One should not think about a typical Zoo like it on could find in Singapore or any Western Country. It is a more natural Zoo where the municipality of Amlan puts a lot of love and effort into.

The Amlan Zoo is a perfect opportunity to introduce children to many local animals of the Philippines as well as some more exotic ones. For its limited size it has quite some options to interact with some of the animals. One of the favourites for each visitor is the feeding of the lovebirds. If this experience doesn’t put a smile on your face, a Zoo is probably the wrong place to go.

We really hope that the Amlan Zoo  & Nature and Adventure Park will not end up like many zoos in the Philippines. As of what we saw during our multiple visits, the staff has the right spirit and takes good care of the animals. For ust it is a nice place to visit on an afternoon for a few hours. The entrance is affordable, so one can bring the whole family.

Getting to the Amlan Zoo

When you have your own vehicle, make a left turn, just after the municipal hall of Amlan and you will be there in about 5-10 minutes. When getting to Amlan with a Ceres Bus or a Jeepney, jump off at the municipal hall and get a trike for a few peso.

Watch the DreAMLANd Nature and Adventure Park Video here: