Casaroro Falls in Valencia

Valencia – Negros Oriental


The Casaroro Falls in Valencia is one of the most featured tourist spot in the nearby city of Dumaguete. This natural tourist spot has won many hearts of travels despite the steep and rather challenging means of getting there. The refreshing waters of the Casaroro Falls strikes 30 meters down to a basin that then flows strongly along a stream. Matched with huge boulders and forestry plants, the terrain sight of the majestic falls creates a picture-perfect place to visit.


Getting to Casaroro Falls

In order to get to Casaroro Falls, one must take a ride first going to the Valencia proper. A local ride called jeepney will take you from Dumaguete City to the Valencia proper for an approximate cost of Php 12.00 only. The ride will take less than an hour to reach the Valencia proper. Upon arriving, one can inquire for the tour and the rides that will take you straight to the Casaroro Falls.

Upon reaching the Casaroro Falls entrance, the real adventure begins! Reaching the Casaroro Falls will take some muscle on your legs to move and exercise with more than 350 steps going down the terrain paradise. After the stairs, another challenge will be faced as travelers battle through a trek full of huge boulders, mud and streaming water.


Before the discovery of the Casaroro Falls, locals would just hike the forestry in order to reach the falls. Luckily, government funded the cement and steel stairs for quicker access to this majestic fall. Even with the tricky access to this beauty, the travel would all be worth-while after a glimpse of the Casaroro Falls.

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