Twin Lakes

Sibulan – Tourist Spots in Negros Oriental

One of the most visited Tourist Spots in Negros Oriental are the Twin Lakes of Sibulan. It is composed of two small but deep fresh water lakes called Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao. On a clear day, the blue of the sky is reflected in the water of the Twin Lakes, giving a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. The lakes are embraced on all sides by narrow mountains thick with exotic plant-life. When mist obscures the mountains, the area looks like something out of a fairytale or legend. Just like traveling to a mystical land in a story, getting to the Twin Lakes is something of an adventure.  Once a visitor arrives, the relaxing atmosphere will wash away any unwanted stress.

Twin Lakes - Lake Balinsasayao - Sibulan - Negros Oriental

Getting to the Twin Lakes

The DC Team started the trip early and left Dumaguete City around seven o’clock in the morning. We rode an easy ride bound for San Jose for about Php 20. Another option of public transport is to take a bus and stopping at the junction for Twin Lakes, near the town of Sibulan. Upon reaching the junction road, the rest of the journey is by local motorbikes called habal habal. A long-paved road leads up the mountain from the junction to Twin Lakes. Visitors must navigate this road on their motorbikes. Cars, vans, and other four-wheeled vehicles can also make their way up to the Twin Lakes. However, a professional driver who is familiar with the roads will most likely be much safer. Traveling time via a habal habal will take about 30-45 minutes. (For prices and more information, watch the video below!)

Getting to Twin Lakes - Habal Habal Ride

Twin Lakes – Nature Pure

Once a visitor arrives at the lakes, a deep breath of the fresh mountain air should clear away any residual anxiety from the ride up. The DC Team reached the entrance of the Twin Lakes around nine o’clock. Upon reaching the entrance of the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Nature Park, one must pay for the admission fee.  The general entrance fee for Filipino Nationals is Php 50.00. For Non-Filipino Nationals, the entrance fee is Php 100.00. Children (7 years old & below) are free of charge and there are Special Rates for students, senior citizens, residents of Negros Oriental/Occidental.

The area is home to many types of wildlife, including monkeys, leopard cats, and monitor lizards. There are even a few endangered species near the Twin Lakes, as well as some interesting vegetation. Visitors can hike trails and possibly catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife.

Things to Do in Twin Lakes

There are plenty of activities offered at the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Nature Park or simply Twin Lakes. There is boat riding, kayaking, trekking and camping. Boat rides costs Php 250 per hour and can fit 1-7 persons. Enjoy a boat ride from end to end of the Lake Balinsasayao. Kayaking on the other hand will cost Php 150 per hour. The trails are free for easy trekking and hiking. For full exploration, one can book a guide for a group of three people for Php 300.

A restaurant offers lunch with a viewing deck of the lake, or, for people who bring their meals, picnic areas are scattered around the area. Other activities include carp fishing and overnight camping, as long as visitors bring their own gear. There is nowhere around the Twin Lakes to rent fishing or camping gear.


Take a tour & Watch the Twin Lakes Video below:

For the nature enthusiast visiting the Philippines, the Twin Lakes are a wonderful place to visit. The hiking trails, clear lakes, and exotic flora and fauna are sure to lift the spirit of anyone who finds peace in the outdoor environment.

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