Miss Dumaguete 2017

Miss Dumaguete 2017 Coronation Night

With the great attempt of topping last year’s Miss Dumaguete, one could say that this year’s Miss Dumaguete 2017 candidates and organizers did their very best.

Miss Dumaguete 2017 Talent Night

The pre-pageant competition of Miss Dumaguete 2017 is composed of the Press Conference and the Talent Night which were held days before the actual coronation night. Ten gorgeous ladies competed in this year’s search for Miss Dumaguete City 2017. The press conference took place at Manhattas Suites Inn, while the talent night was held in Quezon Park.

Coronation Night – Miss Dumaguete 2017

The Miss Dumaguete 2017 Coronation Night was held on November 22, 2017 at the Lamberto L. Macias Sports and Cultural Complex. With last year’s surprise of starting on time, the organizers are taking their serious chance in diminishing the concept of the phrase “Filipino-time”. Starting at exactly 8 pm, the candidates showcased their glamour and grace on stage with their torero-inspired production costumes after the respective national anthem and program prayers.

Here are some picture of the Spanish-inspired production number of the Miss Dumaguete 2017.

The coronation night of Miss Dumaguete 2017 was highly graced by the presence of Miss Universe fifth Runner Up Maria Venus Raj, and other celebrity who judged the beauty pageant. Altogether the show went on a smooth run with some very interesting intermission numbers like a cultural Spanish dance, jazz music and a goose-bombing song from one of the performers.

After the lively Spanish production number, it was time to heat the whole venue with some hot bikinis! The candidates made their sexy catwalks around the stage in their swimwear that complemented their already curvy and sexy bodies. The elimination round was done in the bikini round, with a few questions asked by the respective judges.

Miss Dumaguete 2017 - Bikini Round

After the question answer, the candidates went back stage to prepare themselves for the elegance portion of the competition. As a Dumagueteña woman, poise and grace must be a winning combo in wearing a gown. For this year, the candidates were able to complement their different beauty with the different colorful and elegant gown each of them were provided.

After the question and answer portion of the top 5, it was time to award the winners of the Miss Dumageute 2017 Beauty Pageant. Miss Dumaguete 2016 Samantha Villahermosa was unable to attend the event, therefore, Miss Dumaguete 2016 First Runner Up Deborah Villaflores was honored to pass on the crown.

Congratulations Miss Dumaguete 2017!!!

Miss Dumaguete 2017
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