Rondalla Competition – Buglasan 2014

Buglasan 2014 – Rondalla, Balak, Balitaw, pride and culture of Negros Oriental

Sidlakan Dance Company Concert and the Rondalla-, Kumparsa-, and Balak, Balitaw Competitions were a blast. It is great to see the Facebook generation honoring our tradition and performing. We had so much fun there and all performers did a wonderful job. Everybody who just waits for the Beauty competitions and Street-dance parades is missing out on the traditional heart and soul of the Buglasan festival.

Rondalla Dumaguete Buglasan

Sidlakan Dance Company

The evening started off at 7:00pm with a 1 hour show of the Sidlakan Dance Company. Different Groups from Junior to seniors performed their traditional and modern dances and entertained the audience perfectly.


Kumparsa & Rondalla Competition

Rondallia senior Buglasan in Dumaguete

Balak a night of Visayan poetry

Balitaw in Dumaguete Buglasan

Balitaw Competition at Buglasan 2014

Balitaw Competition

And of course there is no competition without awarding


Here the official Results of last nights competition provided by Negros Oriental Tourism

rondalla results

Only in the Philippines

If one looks at the result, one may wonder who is the winner of the Junior Rondalla division. There was only ONE competitor, but they came in only on the SECOND place. “Only in the Philippines” is the only explanation one can find. Rumors have it that the young fellow in the picture below was so upset, that he took of his shoes to throw it at the judges, but then decided to give the judges his Kindergarten math book, so they can figure out that it is not possible to be second out of one competitor.



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