Miss Bais 2015

Miss Bais 2015
The Miss Bais 2015 event was held open air on the big stage of the Bais Plaza. With the rain and clouds during the whole day and a rather negative weather forecast for the evening the organizers were more than busy to build a roof over the stage to have at least the contestants of the beauty pageant dry. They were successful and earned the respect of everyone and especially of the Mayor of Bais, Mercedes Teves Goñi

Miss Bais 2015 was an open pageant. Therefore contestants came from all over the province as well as from Cebu and Siquijor. Many of them were already titleholder in other pageants. While some may complaint that this is not a contest to search for the beauty of the ladies of Bais others may like the fact that it is a great show with experienced almost semi-professional contestants which might be more entertaining than first-timers trying to do the catwalk on high heels.

However, the contest started past 10:00pm after the judges and many VIPs were seated on the due to the strong showers during daytime partially very muddy Bais Plaza. ‎Cory Quirino, the founder and president of the Miss World Philippines organization was the head of the board of judges and brought international flair to the City of Bais.

Miss Bais 2015 – Production Number

The show started after prayers (which were kept pleasantly short), the national anthem and all kind of introductions and mentioning of the sponsors. The reigning Miss Bais 2014 and a dance-group started  a with short intro, introducing the 8 lovely candidates in colorful costumes representing the ASEAN countries to the audience.

Miss Bais 2014

Miss Bais 2015 in Bikinis

Certainly the most anticipated round of each contest is the Bikini round. Miss Bais 2015 made no difference. The difference was that the candidates actually wearing sexy Bikini, not like in other contests where a local wanna-be-designer glued some stuff together which looked more like some left-over plastic wrappers which could not be sold at “Tops & Bottoms” anymore. However, the beauty pageant experienced participants exceeded the expectations and presented themselves in a sexy but graceful way, much to the excitement of the thousands of spectators.

Miss Bais 2015

Last but not least, the candidates for Miss Bais 2015 changed into their gowns for the final rounds and the interview. Due to the fact that is was already way past midnight, the reactions of the audience were rather sleepy, and in many faces one could read “Hurry up, I wanna go home“. The only advantage of having an event lasting until almost 2:00 am is, that most people rather go home instead of storming the stage to get a picture with the winners and the more or less important people.

Miss Bais 2015 - Gown

Congratulations Miss Bais 2015

Miss Bais 2015

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