Mister Bais 2015

Mister Bais 2015 was a highly awaited pageant for Baisanon and for the young ladies of Bais City as well as those who dress and talk funny and pretending being a girl. Not to forget the visitors from the whole province that night of course. The gentlemen of this pageant faced different trials and managed to fight with an extraordinary heart and very brave to show their talents. Like any other pageant they start with their production number on tribal costumes.

After introducing the judges and thanking all their sponsors the young gentlemen came out on the stage for their talent portions followed by swim wear, and then their elegant barong tagalog.

Here are some photos of the Mister Bais 2015 pageant in loose order.

Congratulation Mister Bais 2015

 Mister Argie Acabal

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