Sandurot Festival of Dumaguete

Dumaguete City has been popularly known as The City of Gentle People all over Negros Oriental and the some parts of the country. The Sandurot Festival, which is annually celebrated during the 3rd week of November, is a celebration that focuses on showing the innate hospitality and friendliness of the city.

The Sandurot Festival originated from a derived Visayan word “pakig-sandurot” or to join in.

The city of Dumaguete was formally known as the city of Gentle People when visitors were stunned on how hospitable and friendly the people of the city were. Locals would offer beverages and food for the visitor while other entertains them by folk dances and traditional games. The people from the city were so hospitable to their guests that the new comers were impressed on how gentle and polite they were.

Not long the news of this sweet and gentle village spread all over the country. From there the population started to increase for more people would like to witness for themselves the gentleness of the city. In the 1940’s, Dumaguete was made a city and kept the gentleness they always had. Guest from all over the world and country would refer them as the City of Gentle People from then.

In honor of the patroness of Dumaguete, Sta. Catalina de Alejandria, and in celebration of the hospitality and harmony of the city the Sandurot Festival was born. It was a celebration wherein religious traditions, merry making, unity, harmony and cultural beliefs are reflected on.

Other events that are celebrated in this festival include the search for the next Miss Dumaguete, street dancing, showdown, cultural shows, civic parade, food booth, trade fair and of course the fireworks display. With the celebration of the festival, the city fiesta or the Charter Day of the Dumaguete City is also celebrated on November 24th.