Mifune Japanese Restaurant – UNLI Buffet in Dumaguete City – Video

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Mifune Japanese Restaurant in Dumaguete City is located along Sta. Catalina Street. Every Tuesday & Saturday, they offer UNLIMITED BUFFET for only Php 333.00 from 6pm-9pm. So, the DC-Team went to check out this endless freshness of Japanese dishes. Included in the buffet are unlimited iced tea, sushi rolls, sashimi, miso soup, tempura, and a whole lot more! Satisfy your craving for Japanese food in Mifune. (Take out & delivery is also available) OPENS: 10am-10pm

Watch the Mifune Japanese Restaurant – UNLI BUFFET in Dumaguete City (Philippines) Video here:


From the “Land of the Rising Sun”, the land of blooming cherry blossoms and the land of endless discovery, JAPAN! The country of Japan is famous for many things…including their cuisines. Every dish is an art that is formed with great passion, skill & creativity. Sushi for instance is know all over the world for its round bite size goodness of sticky rice, vegetables & meat rolled into one. In Dumaguete City, Mifune Restaurant is one of the Japanese inspired food stops you can visit when craving for some Japanese delights. They also serve other dishes such as Filipino favorites, European dishes and Asian drinks.

The restaurant got it’s name from the famous Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune. For many years, this Restaurant in Dumaguete City has left their guests with fully stomachs and a big smile.

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