Hudyaka Festival 2018 in Bais City

Tapasayaw Festival 2018 – Negros Oriental

Hudyaka Festival 2018 in Bais City - Tapasayaw Festival 2018 - Showdown

Since many years, the Hudyaka Festival of Bais City stands as one of the significant celebrations here in Negros Oriental. Blessed with both marine and agricultural resources, Bais City rises as a third-class city in the province. The Hudyaka Festival 2018 Showdown and Street Dancing took place last September 07, 2018.

Hudyaka sa Bais City

The term hudyaka means celebration. For some reason, the tourism office of Bais decided to focus on the rise of sugar cane production in the city. With this, instead of calling it Hudyaka Festival 2018, it was named Tapasayaw Festival 2018. Why tapasayaw you may ask? The term is made out of two words “tapas” and “sayaw” which means the act of harvesting sugar cane and dance; respectively. Despite whatever it is officially called, the term Hudyaka Festival in Bais will remain in the hearts of true festive goers.

Hudyaka Festival 2018 Street Dancing and Showdown

The DC Team were fearful of the weather since the month of September in the Philippines means wet and usually rainy. With the kindness of the weather gods, it was bright and sunny. The street dancing started around 1:30 pm in the afternoon. Despite the heat, all the performers did their best to smile and enjoy the festivity.

After the street dancing, hundreds of people gathered at the Bais Gym filling every square meter of concrete. The task forces had a hard time moving people and clearing the dance floor for the performers. Nevertheless, they somehow cooperated and it the Hudyaka Festival 2018 showdown proceed.

Watch the Hudyaka Festival 2018 in Bais City below:

Happy Hudyaka Festival 2018 Bais City! See you next year!

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