Hudyaka Festival

Bais City – Negros Oriental

Hudyaka Festival in Bais City

The Hudyaka Festival is a celebration that brings the marine beauty of Bais City to life. This annual celebration is usually held on the first week of September.

The celebration started way back when the towns as young as any of them could be. Bais City itself had the celebration of the Hudyaka sa Bais Mardigras back in the 40’s or 50’s which then was revised to as Sipong Festival and then back to Hudyaka Festival.


The story of this festival was a tale as old as time. Where simple people lived a simple life near a town by the shore and where life was good. Long before the festival, fishermen would catch any marine harvest for daily consumption and others for livelihood. But one season, harvest weren’t as they thought it would be. Left with few options they turned to their faith and prayed for any sign of hope.

Out in the heavens, beside the hands of God, one faithful saint had indeed brought hope. It is believed that the patron saint of Bais, San Nicolas de Tolentino , had brought out the famine and drove the marine life to the shores of Bais.

The town’s people were so grateful that they decided to unite each other as one happy Bais family as the birth of the Hudyaka Festival was born. This celebration is filed with colorful marine animals and designed costumes with lovely head dresses to match their outfit. Boats and other related devices also help in exaggerating the hard-working fishermen of the sea of Bais.

Another festival that is celebration in Bais City is the Christmas Festival. This festival parades the spirit of the Yuletide Season as rotating Christmas trees and other decors are being displayed at the town’s plaza for everyone to see since the 1950’s.

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