Miss Dauin 2018

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

Miss Dauin 2018 - Production Number

Since many years, Dauin is known all throughout Negros Oriental due to its rich marine resources and its rapid growth of tourists. It is relevantly close to the island of Apo; an island rich in aquatic creatures. Hence it is known as the Gateway to Apo Island. In celebration of the town fiesta of Dauin, the search for this year’s Miss Dauin 2018 marked as one of the highlights of the whole festivity. Eight lovely candidates, one crown and one title. Who is the worthy title holder of Miss Dauin 2018?

Miss Dauin 2018 – Coronation Night

The last time Dauin held the search for a queen was back in 2016. It was just about time that a new queen is crowned. Dauin has always been a great host to the DC Team when it comes to fiestas and events. Thanks to the leadership of Mayor Neil B. Credo and the Tourism Head Officer Pearl Enriquez, we were able to capture memories of Miss Dauin 2018.

Production Number

Rain rain go away, come again another day! Despite the storm that boomed over Dumaguete City, Dauin was still lucky to only receive light rain drops during the whole show. It was a sight to see because rain did not stop the audience from watching the Miss Dauin 2018. Just past 9 pm, the candidates graced the stage after all the show must go on!

Swimsuit Round

The hottest portion of the whole night was the swimsuit round of Miss Dauin 2018. Showing off their curves and toned bodies, the candidates looked elegant enough in their light mint one-piece attire. Swimsuits are supposed to be wet, but not because of rain! It was like swimming…but on land.

Evening Gown

Not all beauty pageant programs could go this fast. It was either great organization of the pageant committee or the rain help push the program to move faster. In just about an hour from the start of the program, the candidates graced the stage once more in their evening gowns. The continues pouring of the rain made the gown portion of the competition more dramatic and elegant. We just hope the candidates don’t get a cold after the pageant. Not long after the gown walk, the top three were called and the final question was asked.

Congratulations to the Winners of Miss Dauin 2018!!!

Watch the Miss Dauin 2018 Video below:

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