Help the People Smile Again

We just want to share this video, as we believe it is very well done and just different. (put together by Tony Exall, owner at TXL Underwater Video, Director at Philippine Dive Holidays.)

With the big help of some friends, we are able to send direct help to Malapascua , an Island north of Cebu with no natural resources.

Rolf Mühlmann who is with Sea Explorers/Pura Vida and his team in Dauin was a huge help. They pick up our packs and take care of the transportation to Malapascua.

Also a great thank you to Asia Divers. They offered to pick up our donations from the Ceres Terminal in Cebu to get it to the drop point of HelpMalapascua.

Sea Explorer run also an operation in Malapascua. They were able to evacuate all their staff and families ahead of the typhoon.  But they lost everything. Some generous donations let us buy relief goods which include 700 pcs. cloths, 200 plates, buckets, pitchers, etc.

UniTops in Dumaguete gave us again a great discount, that all the money gets even a little bit further.

I hope we could add a little bit and…

Help the People Smile Again…

malapascua Yolanda Victim

malapascua Yolanda Victim

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