Darohanon Festival 2019 – Video

Dumaguete City – Negros Oriental

The Darohanon Festival 2019 was a great pot festival in Dumaguete City that was celebrated on May 11, 2019. Barangay Daro maybe just a barangay but they sure know how to celebrate a festival. This historic and meaningful event plays an important role in the lives of a Darohanon. This festival is in thanksgiving to their patron saint, Santo Niño.

Watch the Darohanon Festival 2019 Video here:

Barangay Daro is known for its clay pots and other clay products. The term “daro” means to plow. After plowing the soil, pots are then made handmade by locals in the barangay of Daro. They provide Dumaguete City with pots, garden decorations, bowls and more. The town prospered and as a thanksgiving tradition, the town celebrates the annual Darohanon Festival.

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