Darohanon Festival 2019

Barangay Daro – Dumaguete City – Negros Oriental

Darohanon Festival 2019 - Dumaguete City - Street Dancing

The Darohanon Festival 2019 marks the fourth annual celebration of the festival of Barangay Daro, Dumaguete City. Barangay Daro is located in the norther part of Dumaguete City. It is well known in town for their clay pots and other clay products. In celebration with their fiesta, they celebrate the Darohanon Festival in thanksgiving to their patron saint; Santo Niño.

Darohanon Festival – A Short History

The term “daro” means to plow. In the olden days the area, in which we know today as Barangay Daro, was nothing but fields. Residents would plow the soil for crop production. Some women use the soil to create pots and vases. Until today, the barangay of Daro continues to create pottery as means of their livelihood. In thanksgiving for this humble talent, they celebrate the Darohanon Festival.

Darohanon Festival 2019
Street Dancing and Showdown

The first part of the festival was the street dancing. Six dance groups assembled near the Sidlakan Village. By three o’clock in the afternoon, the dancers started to march and dance for the parade. Colors of red, orange, green and yellow flooded the national highway along Dumaguete City.

After the street dancing, the dancers and the spectators went to Negros Oriental High School Gym for the showdown competition. All six groups gave their very best. The festival revolves around the pottery and clay products of the barangay. However, a few twists were made as to the origin of the different puroks (part of a barangay) who joined in the competition.

Watch the Darohanon Festival 2019 Video Here:

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