Dumaguete road show looc

Looc Fiesta 2014 – Dumaguete Tourism Road Show

Dumaguete road show looc

The Tourism Road Show set another Highlight of the celebrations of the Looc Fiesta 2014. Some heavy rain during the afternoon caused some delay in the stage-preparation and caused a 90 minutes delay for the show to start. It didn’t stop the enthusiastic performers and audience to have a great evening. The location was full of cheers and smiles, enjoying a very entertaining night in Looc. Thanks to Dumaguete Tourism for creating the Tourism Road Show and of course all performers and organizers involved.

Pictures of Tourism Road Show in Looc


116th Philippines Independence Day Celebration 2014

In Celebration of 116th Philippines Independence Day Mayor of Dumaguete City Manuel Sagarbarria lead the Flag Ceremony together with Dumaguete Officials held at Quezon Park Dumaguete City.

Philippines National Police of Dumaguete City, Dumaguete Tourism officials, Dumaguete Department of Education (DepEd) and almost all public school teachers for elementary and high schools join the celebration.

After the flag ceremony an inspirational speech delivered by Miss: Stacy Danika Alcantara touched the listeners and we wish it inspired the young generation too, as Dr. Jose Rizal wanted for our country.

The Cultural Dancer of Dumaguete High School gave a colorful presentation which was one of the high lights this event, a visual presentation of how we people of the Philippines became Independent.


Here are some Pictures of 2014 Independence Day Celebration here in Dumaguete City

Miss Santa Cruzan Tabuc Tubig

Miss Sta. Cruzan 2014

Miss Sta. Cruzan 2014

Miss Santa Cruzan

Like promised, here some pictures from last nights Miss Sta. Cruzan 2014 competition in Tabuc Tubig, Dumaguete City
All candidates were well prepared and did great. The organizers did also well and of course the two moderators managed slight delays professional and lead the audience professional through the evening.

The pictures are in no particular order, just click to them to magnify.

Mrs Dumaguete 2014

Mrs Dumaguete 2014

The coronation night of Mrs Dumaguete 2014 was one of the main events of this year’s Sta. Cruzan/Kabulakan/Heritage Month celebration. 7 lovely women between 25 and 45 challenged themselves and participated in the contest.

Mrs Dumaguete 2014

Here some pictures of the Mrs Dumaguete 2014 contest

The winner was like on most events the audience. Dumaguete Tourism Office organized once again a great event under the leadership of Woodrow Maquiling Jr.

Mrs Dumaguete 2014

Tabuc Tubig Santa Cruzan Procession 2014

Month of May has a lot of festivals here in Dumaguete City. One of the Barangays here in Dumaguete  is Tabuc Tubig. Residence here are celebrating their Fiesta and have a lot of activities going on.  With the help of local goverment as well as baranagy officials, and helpful youth in this barangay the event turned out to be very successful. The highlights of the fiesta activity is the Miss Santa Cruzan Pageant. The next day after the pageant the Procession started at the afternoon 5pm after the Novena in their chapel, all participants in the festival activities joined in the procession as a gift for their patron.

2014 Santa Cruzan prosession-36pg

Some residence of this barangay were busy preparing for small party and can’t go to the procession, however, some others are busy getting ready and make the procession successful. They will make sure kids are happy and proudly participating in the parade on the street to represents the characters of Reyna Elena, Reyna Abogada (Queen Advocate/Lawyer),Reyna Justícia (Queen Justice),Divina Pastora (Divine Shepherdess), Reyna de losÁngeles (Queen of Angels),Luklukan ng Karunungan (Seat of Wisdom) – carries a Bible,Reyna de las Estrellas (Queen of the Stars),Rosa Mystica (Mystical Rose) and more. Also the Candidate of the Miss Santa Cruzan Pageant 2014 were participating in the procession.

Here are some Pictures

and more

summer festival compilation 2014

Batinguel Annual Summer Festival 2014

The summer is here and the Barangay Fiestas are in full swing. Barangay Batinguel celebrates their yearly Summer Festival from May 14 – May 19. The Barangay Officials gathered together to have the official schedule of events ready in timely manner for this coming Batinguel Summer Festival 2014.

summer festival compilation 2014

Batinguel Summer Festival – Schedule of Activities

Schedule may change without prior notice !

May 15 2014

  • 8:00 PM Doble Kara

May 16 2014

  • 8:00 PM Fashion show and Dance Number Participants Dumaguete Kinetic Authentic Models (DKA),/  BATES & Taclobo High School at Barangay Hall

May 17 2014

  • 7:00AM Marathon Open 4.5K & 6.5K Male & Female
  • 9:00 AM Karambola in front of SJR Store
  • 11:00 AM Piglet Catching in front of SJR Store purok 6
  • 1:00 PM Championship Double Billiard at A&A Billiard Hall
  • 8:00 PM Bingo Social 8:00PM Participants SUN CELLULAR in Barangay Hall

May 18 2014

  • 1:00 PM Pole Climbing 1:00PM In front of SJR Store purok 6
  • 1:00PM Tug and WAR in front of SJR Store
  • 8:30 PM Tourism Road Show Participants Tourism Office at Barangay Hall

May 19 2014

  • Mega Variety Show at 8:00PM Participants Tanjay Actress
  • Championship Singles Billiard at 1:00PM at A&A Billiard Hall

This event is prepared by all Barangay Officials of Barangay Batinguel Dumaguete City

For Inquiries and More Details please Call (035) 226 – 2931 or (035) 421- 2947

Look for Councilors: Allan Aranas and Ramonita Tolin.

While usually the big events are for good reason are in the focus of the public, we are always happy to drop by when smaller celebrations are held. During the Summer Festival 2014 in Batinguel the DINS Team visited a few events which were not in the spotlight of any media. Of course we took some snapshots of the competitions and want to share them with our website visitors.

Cock FightingPhillippines cock fighting in Dumaguete 2014

The fun part was that -other to regular cock-fighting- in this competition all rooster were at the same time in the pit and the last cock standing is the winner. It was also a smart one, as he was standing in the corner until there were only 2 or 3 opponents were left but already exhausted.

Pole Climbing and Sack Hopping

During the pole climbing the participants tried all kind of techniques. Some used rugs and sand to get a better grip, others build 4 men high pyramids but nobody could get to the top. When everybody was ready to give up, a young guy came and climbed alone to the top like he never did anything else in his life before.

Dumaguete Tourism Roadshow

The Dumaguete Tourism Roadshow was truly a Highlight of the Batinguel Summer Festival. The Dumaguete Tourism Office organized a colorful event with many games, show and music. Very well done and highly entertaining! Only the audience appeared a little bit reserved and the artists on stage deserved a bit more appreciation than the Batinguel audience gave this evening.

Dumaguete Road Show Batinguel


The Sumer Festival in Batinguel 2014 was a great success. A big Thank You to the organizers of the Barangay and the Dumaguete Tourism Office.


Batinguel Doble Kara Singing Contest 2014

The Summer Festival of Barangay Batinguel started May 15 2014 with the Doble Kara  Singing contest. It was the kick off for the week long celebration of the barangay Festa. Barangay Capatain Nicolas Ramirez, proudly declared the festival as opened.

Dumaguete Double Kara in Batinguel

It’s not only just a ordinary singing contest, but singing contest with two voices of one individual. The eighth talented Participants give the audience fun and enjoy the start of Batinguel Summer festival show.


The Participating Purok 7 of the Barangay Batinguel also give their time and show talent for dancing.

Thank you so much to the barangay officials who invites us to witness the show.



Miss Tinago 2014

A Tuesday evening can’t be spend much better than visiting a beauty contest. In this case, we went to Barangay “Uno” to witness the Miss Tinago 2014 Beauty Pageant . The Gym in the Barangay was packed when the contest Miss Tinago 2014 took off. Each of the seven contestants had their supporters in the audience cheering their lungs out. That certainly pushed them to give their very best on the catwalk.

The organizers allowed the DINS-Team to get a sneak-peak at the backstage area, so we are able to share some of the pictures which are usually hidden from the public eye.

Backstage at Miss Tinago 2014

The Miss Tinago 2014 Beauty Pageant



Wenzell Cunanan Rendal – Miss Tinago 2014


While the Miss Dumaguete or similar “elite” contests attract all VIPs and local star-photographers, for us the smaller contests have a very special charm to it and the DINS-Team gladly covers those events. At this point one more big “Thank You” to the organizers of Barangay Uno to invite us. The Miss Tinago 2014 was a great event and we hope everybody enjoyed our pictures, like we enjoyed the contest.

Yag-Yag Festival 2014

Yag-Yag Festival Sibulan 2014

Yag-Yag Festival 2014

The street-dance competition of the Yag-Yag Festival 2014 in Sibulan took place at the probably hottest day of this year so far. The start of the Yag Yag street-dance parade was scheduled at 3:00 pm and one literally could boil an egg on the street. Therefore the performance of the 6 Puroks of Barangay Cangmating in Sibulan was even more admirable.

Pictures of the Yag-Yag Festival 2014

All of the performers did an outstanding job. While one of them was declared as a winner of  the street-dance competition, the DC-Team would give each of them the spot on the top. Each single participant put so much enthusiasm, time, effort and even the one or the other tear into practicing and performance just to entertain us and to celebrate the history and culture of their barangay at the Yag Yag Festival in Sibulan.

Yag Yag Festival 2014 in Sibulan

The six contestants were all well prepared and entertained a big crowed along the streets from the gym at the municipality hall in Sibulan towards the Gym in Cangmating, where the showdown of this years Yag Yag Festival in Sibulan was held.


Happy Easter Sunday

Easter Procession – Good Friday

The Easter Procession in Dumaguete on Good Friday is always attended by thousands of Christians. The usual highlight of Good Friday is the procession of the Santo Entierro, a often wooden or resin sculpture of the dead Christ lying supine. 

Easter Procession in Dumaguete City

Easter Procession in Dumaguete City

Following some pictures of the Easter Procession 2014 in Dumaguete.

Eatern Friday-proseission30

Lemmy @ Eatern Friday-proseission

Easter the Good  Friday Procession-Dumaguete

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Eastern 2014 to all of our Family & Friends