Our galleries 2018 of Dumaguete & Negros Oriental. Check out our Festival coverage and Beauty Competitions around the City and whole Negros Oriental.

Miss Siaton 2018

Twenty-six lovely ladies, 1 crown, 1 title…who will be the rightful Miss Siaton 2018? Read more here and view pictures and video!

Miss Amlan 2018

Miss Amlan 2018 Coronation Night was held last November 27, 2018, with eight candidates wanting the crowns and title. Read more and view gallery here!

Miss Dumaguete 2018

12 candidates gave their best to win the title and crown as Miss Dumaguete 2018 during the 70th Charter Day of Dumaguete City. View gallery here!

Buglasan Festival 2018 – Street Dancing and Showdown

One of the most prestigious events in Negros Oriental is the Buglasan Festival 2018. The street dancing and Showdown was held last October 19. Read more!

Rondalla, Balitaw and Balak Competition – Buglasan 2018

The Rondalla, Balitaw and Balak Competition 2018 of Buglasan Festival 2018 in Negros Oriental was held last October 17, 2018. Read more here!

Miss Negros Oriental 2018

Thirteen lovely candidates competed for the title and crown. Who will be the next Miss Negros Oriental 2018? Read more and find out here!

Buglasan 2018 Marching Band Competition

The Buglasan 2018 Marching Band Competition was held yesterday, October 14, 2018 at the Perdices Coliseum with seven marching band groups. Read more!

Miss Valencia 2018

The Miss Valencia 2018 was held at the municipal covered court last night October 10, 2018 with 16 lovely candidates. Read more & View Gallery Here!

Puhag Festival 2018 in Valencia

Puhag Festival 2018 marked the second annual celebration in Valencia. Perfect weather, colorful costumes, great smiles and buzzing bees. View Gallery Here!

Yamog Festival 2018 in Pamplona - Negros Oriental

Yamog Festival 2018 in Pamplona

This year’s Yamog Festival 2018 of Pamplona marks as the first ever celebration of the actual festival in the municipality! Read more & View Gallery here!