Rondalla, Balitaw and Balak Competition 2018

Buglasan Festival 2018 – Negros Oriental

Rondalla, Balitaw and Balak Competition – Buglasan 2018

The whole celebration of the Buglasan Festival 2018 is all about preserving culture and traditions. What better way preserve traditions than the Rondalla, Balitaw and Balak Competition of Buglasan Festival 2018.

Rondalla – Junior and Kumparsa

Rondalla is an ensemble composed of stringed instrument. It originated in Medieval Spain. When the Spaniards invaded the Philippines, some of their culture were practices. Even though the Filipinos fought bravely to send the invaders away, they learned a few things that until today is being preserved. There were two division during the Rondalla Competition of the Buglasan Festival 2018; junior and kumparsa (groups aged 18 years old and below & groups 19 years old and above).


Even in the olden times, Filipino knows how to put on a show with both comedy and romance. The Balitaw is one of these great ways to put on a show. Balitaw is all about courtship through song. Mixed with its own twist and comedy, any Balitaw is surely one laugh show you don’t want to miss. During this year’s Balitaw competition only two groups joined. However, the audience still enjoyed it.


Balak on the other hand is verbal poetry recited with annotations that goes dramatically with a soft background music which is plaid live. It is more of a poetic speech that aims to give information/ awareness to the audience about a certain topic.

As what a great man once said, we are all like trees and culture represent our roots. With out culture we are nothing.

Happy Buglasan Festival 2018 Negros Oriental!!!

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