Miss Valencia 2018

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

Miss Valencia 2018 - Coronation Night - Negros Oriental

The Miss Valencia 2018 was held at the municipal covered court last night October 10, 2018. Buying for the title and crown as the town queen, 16 lovely candidates joined in this year’s Coronation night of the Mutya ng Valencia 2018. Who do you think will win?

Miss Valencia 2018 – Coronation Night

Locally known as the Mutya ng Valencia 2018 Coronation Night Pageant, the Miss Valencia 2018 was nothing else but a huge success! The year is drawing to a close end and the events of pageantry just gets better and better.

The Coronation Night began with the respective prayer and singing of the national anthem. Since many years, the DC-Team have only seen a few interesting opening invocations. During the Miss Valencia 2018, we were lucky to hear the angelic voices during the prayer and the heart-warming band performance of the Philippine National Anthem. Words of welcome were made the Valencia Mayor. After this, it was show time!

The production number had an artsy touch too is. The candidates were dressed in a Greek-inspired dress with a shiny gold belt. Unlike most pageants, the candidates had to switch from production attire then straight to the evening gown. Sixteen candidate glamoured the stage with their sparkly gowns and bright smiles. During this portion, the Top 10 for the competition (Semi-Finals) were called. 10/16 I am loving the evens.

Top 10 Miss Valencia 2018

The Top 10 who got into the semi-finals then slipped to their play wear attire. The play wear was a velvet red one-piece turtleneck and shorts with a deep cut in the chest area. It was fierce and at the same time classy. The first portion of the question and answer were made during this part. Instead of the normal Q&A, the candidates had to express what they think of selected quotes flashed on the screen.

Top 5 Miss Valencia 2018

After this, the 10 ladies slipped back into their evening gown again. This may not be the normal way of organizing the show, however, little change is always good. The Top five (Finals) of the coronation night were chosen. They answered a question from the board of judges and not long, a new queen was crowned!

As mentioned before, the unusual flow of the program was not normal. Some would say it was even impractical because some candidates had to change attires more than they should. But with the great organization of the different pageant committee, I would personally say it was fast paced and a great pageant! Until next year, Happy Fiesta Valencia!!!

Congratulations Winners of Miss Valencia 2018!!!

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