Miss Siaton 2018

Negros Oriental – Coronation Night

Miss Siaton 2018 - Coronation Night - Negros Oriental

The municipality of Siaton continuously grows to become one of the most beautiful destinations in Negros Oriental. For this year’s Siaton Fiesta 2018, the search for Miss Siaton 2018 marks as one of the highlights of the whole celebration. Twenty-six candidates from the different twenty-six barangays competed last December 04, 2018 during the Coronation Night held at the Siaton covered court/gymnasium. 26 ladies, 1 crown, 1 title…who will be the Miss Siaton 2018?

Miss Siaton 2018 – Coronation Night

The DC-Team is grateful to the different organizers and the Siaton Tourism Office for warmly welcoming us to cover the event. There was a pre-pageant night where the candidates had to showcase their talents, however, the DC Team were not able to cover it. Nevertheless, the Miss Siaton 2018 Coronation Night is still the highlight of the event and it would be stupid to miss it.

Production Number

The first part of the pageant is the production number. Here, the audience were able to see the 26 lovely candidates in their orange cocktail dress dancing to the beat of the music. With so many candidates, you can easily loose track of who is who. It almost felt like a Miss universe pageant, but instead of hundreds of candidates just 26.

Swimsuit Competition

One of the good things about the Miss Siaton 2018 pageant was that it was non-stop and not a second during the show that the stage was empty and dull. Right after the last candidate walked away from the stage, the first candidate walked back in the swimsuit attire. Following trends and conservative rules, the candidates were dressed in a one-piece swimsuit with off shoulders that gave a flowy touch. It showed just enough skin to make the crowd cheer louder than the New Year’s Eve.

Evening Gown Competition

The evening gown competition of the pageant was also the part where the top 10 and the question and answer were made. With poise and grace, the candidates made the best out of their evening gowns. The colors of the candidates’ gown were split into four colors; red, blue, green and yellow. Just after five and a half hours, a new queen is crowned!

Congratulations Miss Siaton 2018!!!

Watch Miss Siaton 2018 Video here!

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