Puhag Festival 2018

Valencia – Negros Oriental

Puhag Festival 2018 - Valencia

The celebration of the Puhag Festival 2018 marks as the second annual celebration in the municipality of Valencia, Negros Oriental. It was nothing else but a great success! Perfect weather, colorful costumes, great smiles and buzzing bees. What else could you ask for?

Puhag Festival 2018 – Street Dancing and Showdown

A long time ago, the mountains and forestry of Valencia grew with the abundance of honey. The term “puhag” is a Visayan dialect that means the way of collecting honey. As a thanksgiving to the bees, the Puhag Festival was created to a story for children by a teacher a few years after its discovery. Today, the Puhag Festival in Valencia marks as one of the highlight celebrations of the whole fiesta celebration of the municipality.

There were only four school group dancers for this year’s festivities. The street dancing of the Puhag Festival 2018 started on time. The streets of Valencia were filled with colorful festival costumes and buzzing bees.

The showdown was held at 3:30 pm at the Valencia plaza where hundreds of locals and guests watched the event.

Happy Puhag Festival 2018 Valencia!

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