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Wayboga Festival Amlan

Wayboga Festival 2015 in Amlan

Overall the Wayboga Festival 2015 in Amlan was a successful day of celebrating the 6th Anniversary of the smoke-free municipality. We met fantastic people and gathered a lot of information which we will publish soon on our Amlan section of Dumaguete.com

Miss-tayasan-2015 Winners

Miss Tayasan 2015

The Miss Tayasan 2015 Pageant was  a big success. People were all exited  and couldn’t wait any longer. The cheering and screaming was overwhelmeing when finally the house-lights went off and the stage-lights start to heat up the podium.Miss Tayasan 2015

People backstage were still busy and preparing and putting last touches on the candidates, while the organizers were welcoming the guest and judges from neighboring cities and municipalities.

The admision for Miss Tayasan 2015 pageant was free and the gym was packed with noisy crowd which cheered their heart out for their favorite candidates entering the scene for the first time in their ethnic attire .

The swim swear round was kept very short. One of the reasons might be that the design of the slighty weird white plastic-wraps reminded more on grand-granny style from 1950, another might be that they were not really fitting well and the underwear was shining through.

The round for giving the minor awards and appreciation was thankfully also not that long, and the pageant came to the last stage of the event.

The final round presented the candidates in gowns. The contestants presented elegant Filipiñana dresses very gracefully and as the final decision who will bring the crown home moved closer, the excitement of supporters was hitting the peak.

Witnessing many events of this kind we must say that the crowd at Miss Tayasan 2015 was probably the loudest this year and never get tired cheering. Compliment to all organizers and people behind this events for a successful beauty pageant.

Miss Tayasan 2015

Congratulations Miss Tayasan 2015

Tayasan Festival

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 – Street Dancing

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 - Street Dancing

Street Dancing – Tayasan Fiesta 2015

Once again the DC Team went north to visit a municipality. We were invited to the Tayasan Fiesta 2015 by the honorable Mayor Nonong Ruperto to the week-long celebrations. One of the first Highlights was of course the Street Dance Competition. It started like announced “spot on”at 8:00 AM… Nah, we are joking

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 - Street Dancing

When we arrived at 7:30 AM to get some preparation shots, there was only ONE (1) contingent could be spotted at the very far left corner of the big Tayasan Plaza. The next group arrived some when around 8:20 AM. Anyway, the Street Dancing in Tayasan started finally around 10:00 AM.

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 - Street Dancing

When the contingents where finally released from the covered court, the dancers put on their brightest smiles for the thousands of Tayasanos along the streets of the municipality.


Tayasan Fiesta 2015 - Street Dancing

Miss Silka 2015 - Bikini Round

Miss Silka Dumaguete 2015

Miss-Silka-2015The search for Miss Silka Dumaguete 2015 was a big success. All candidates are well prepared and ready to show their beauty to the spectators in a well filled Convention Center. The show was only 10 minutes delayed from the original 8:00 PM scheduled starting time, which is very rare in a Philippine event.  The crowd was extremely excited when the host came out from back stage and kicked off the show.

Miss-Silka 2015 Bikini round Like always the crowd was more exited and getting hot when the Bikini round began.

Miss Silka Candidates in their Evening Gown

All participants did a great job. For the 6th time Miss Silka Dumaguete was a great event. The organizers need to be mentioned again. They showed that a beauty contest can start in time without much delay and before that audience falls asleep like it is the case in mist local events.


Congratulation Miss Silka 2015 – Elaiza Beretta Lorraine Caoleng

Miss-Silka-2015 Elaiza Baretta Lorraine Caoleng

Guihulugan Festival 2015

Guihulugan Festival 2015

Guihulngan City Fiesta
The City of Guihulngan celebrates Guihulugan Festival 2015 (<– a real tongue twister for foreign tourists and expats) with a colorful street dancing parade followed by a not less entertaining showdown in the covered court. Five contestants were participating. All of them did an outstanding job. Following some picturs in no particular order.

While the street dancing was announced for 7:00 am, the Freedom Park in Guihulngan was rather empty at that time. The first contingent arrived past that hour and it took another few hours until the street parade of the Guihulugan Festival 2015  finally started.

It makes somehow sense. Why should they actually perform when it is not that hot, when they are still fresh, when they are still in a great mood… Nah, no need – better wait a few hours until the sun burns down…

Guihulngan City Fiesta 2015

The show-down of the Guihulugan Festival 2015 started in a packed covered court some when around 2:00 pm. Most of the five contingents had some additional dancers as support and of course more props. The judges had a tough job to decide who will be the winner of the grand prize. For the DC-Team it was very clear: All were winners!!

Guihulugan Festival 2015

See you next year in Guihulngan at the Guihulugan Festival 2016

Miss Guihulngan 2015

No fiesta without a beauty pageant. The search for Miss Guihulngan 2015 took place at the cities covered court in front of a full house and many VIPs. Spot on at 9:00pm it was time to start the event. The DC team had its room in the government Guest House of Guihulngan City which is just adjourning the covered court. While the disco kept us awake at night, the location had its benefits in this case. We could stay in the room until we could hear the national anthem before we walked the 2 minutes to the auditorium.

Miss Guihulngan Pageant

With this rather early start, the whole audience was in good spirit and cheered frantically when the 11 candidates went on stage presenting their jaw-dropping, colorful festival costumes.

Of course we need to acknowledge all guests, judges and other VIP, all lead by Mark Macias and George Arnaiz, Mayor Carlo Jorge Joan L. Reyes and Vice Mayor Ernesto A. Reyes

There was also a talent-round and you – the valuable site visitors – are the winner. You only see the pictures and don’t hear what sounded like a bunch of cats having fun around midnight. Like observed at the last few events, this round is really just to stretch the evening for another hour or so. Dancers who can’t dance, singers who can’t sing and some dramatic shouting.

Once again, we are sure the candidates have many talents, their handlers obviously picked the non-existing ones. As the contestants are still lovely young ladies, we want to share the pictures of the Miss Guihulngan 2015 “talent” round.

To give the Miss Guihulngan 2015 candidates a little time to change their outfit (and the audience time to seek medical advice from a hearing doctor), the organizer hired two awesome artists from San Carlos. They are part of a group called “Synergy Dance Troupe”. What the two presented high up under the roof of the auditorium let many in the audience hold their breath. Synergy was participating in “Pilipinas got talent season 3”. Whenever any of you guys read an announcement that “Synergy” will perform, better watch it, you won’t regret.

Next round of the search for Miss Guihulngan 2015 was the production number and the – of course most anticipated- bikini round.

After some greetings by honorable Mayor Carlo Jorge Joan L. Reyes the candidates re-entered the stage in their evening gowns.
Miss Guihulngan

Congratulations Miss Guihulngan 2015

Miss Guihulngan 2015

Miss Vallehermoso 2015

Miss Vallehermoso 2015


A packed auditorium witnessed the Miss Vallehermoso 2015 pageant. After the usual delay, the prayers, the national anthem and greetings finally the main attraction entered the stage. We used that “warm-up” time to sneak backstage to catch some of the contestants as well as some VIPs and other more or less important people.

No beauty pageant without festival costume. The search for Miss Vallehermoso 2015 made no difference. They were colorful and well presented by the aspiring beauty queens. As were the black bikinis, the most anticipated round of the contest.

Before the candidates for Miss Vallehermoso presented their evening outfit to the spectators they also showed their talents. Once again need to be said that in the age of multimedia the talents might be in a different field than stage-performances. There was little reaction of the audience. It is just a rumor that most felt asleep. The candidates certainly caught up with a lively and gracious comeback during their appearance in gowns.

Congratulations Miss Vallehermoso 2015

Miss Vallehermoso 2015

Kanglambat Festival

Kanglambat Festival 2015 – Vallehermoso

Kanglambat Festival

Thirteen (or was it fourteen) contingents from different Elementary Schools were participating in the Kanglambat Festival 2015 showdown in Vallehermoso. Even there were only the youngsters participating, the performances were colorful, enthusiastic and very well performed. Following some pictures of the Kanglambat Showdown in loose order.

Pandanyag 2015

Miss La Libertad 2015

La Libertad - Pandanyag Fetival 2015

One thing the DC-Team need to say first: La Libertad knows how to party and celebrate: a week full of fun, action and feasting their annual municipality fiesta, the Pandanyag 2015. The Miss La Libertad 2015 pageant was no difference. Under the watchful eyes of the judges, political VIPs like George Arnaiz and Josy Sy Limkaichong and of course thousands of enthusiastic spectators the candidates presented their talents, and beauty in a packed gym.

Pandanyag 2015

Of course we can’t withhold some pictures of judges and other people involved in the Miss La Libertad 2015 pageant.

No beauty pageant without talent round and beach-wear, or better what the designer thinks might be beach-wear…

Miss Teen Pandanyag Festival La Libertad 2015

After a long evening, the highlight of the Miss Teen La Libertad pageant. The lovely candidate in their Filipiniana dress.