Miss Tayasan 2015

The Miss Tayasan 2015 Pageant was  a big success. People were all exited  and couldn’t wait any longer. The cheering and screaming was overwhelmeing when finally the house-lights went off and the stage-lights start to heat up the podium.Miss Tayasan 2015

People backstage were still busy and preparing and putting last touches on the candidates, while the organizers were welcoming the guest and judges from neighboring cities and municipalities.

The admision for Miss Tayasan 2015 pageant was free and the gym was packed with noisy crowd which cheered their heart out for their favorite candidates entering the scene for the first time in their ethnic attire .

The swim swear round was kept very short. One of the reasons might be that the design of the slighty weird white plastic-wraps reminded more on grand-granny style from 1950, another might be that they were not really fitting well and the underwear was shining through.

The round for giving the minor awards and appreciation was thankfully also not that long, and the pageant came to the last stage of the event.

The final round presented the candidates in gowns. The contestants presented elegant Filipiñana dresses very gracefully and as the final decision who will bring the crown home moved closer, the excitement of supporters was hitting the peak.

Witnessing many events of this kind we must say that the crowd at Miss Tayasan 2015 was probably the loudest this year and never get tired cheering. Compliment to all organizers and people behind this events for a successful beauty pageant.

Miss Tayasan 2015

Congratulations Miss Tayasan 2015

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