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Miss Valencia 2014 – Coronation Night

The decision who will be Miss Valencia 2014 was felt during the coronation night at the municipality gym. The event was held in front of a enthusiastic crowd who saw a good show with professional moderation and entertaining intermission numbers. Following some backstage shots of some candidates, as well as VIPs, VUPs and many helping hands.

Dumaguete Adventure Marathon 2014

The Dumaguete Adventure Marathon 2014 (DAM) takes place on November 16, 2014. Runners from all over the Philippines and guests from all over the world will come to Dumaguete to join local runner, jogger and walker for this adventurous run through the city of gentle people and its surroundings. 42km long – 1.2 km high […]

NORECO II – Power Interruption

A series of power interruptions will hit Dumaguete the next couple of days. The scheduled brownouts of NORECO II will be on the following days: September 16, 2014 – 8:30 A.M – 5:00 P.M From crossing Junob & Cantil-e the whole way up to Cantil-e and Bajumpandan road. September 17, 2014 – 8:30 A.M – […]

Climate Change School Caravan

The Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) and PIA put teamed up to inform the students of 8 High Schools in Dumaguete about the ongoing fight against the climate change. The Climate Change School Caravan will take place from September 23 to October 2 to inform the students about the environmental problems and suggesting […]

Dumaguete Airport – Parking Fees

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) announced recently to collect a fee for parking at the airport in Dumaguete. The letter of the CAAP about the  Dumaguete Airport Parking Fees reads as follows: Notice to the public By the authority of the Director General, CAAP shall be charging parking fees effective October 1, […]

NORSU – Mr & Ms CBA 2014

Once again we were guests at the NORSU Gym for a beauty pageant. This time 10 candidates competed for the Mr. & Ms CBA 2014 title. CBA stands for College of Business Administration.  One aspect which makes these smaller contests very enjoyable is the audience. They are not just sitting and staring at the stage, […]

Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

The search for Mister & Miss NOHS 2014 was nothing short of a huge success. The 10 competing candidates were prepared, the stage was set and the audience was cheerful. Thousands of students screaming their heart out for their favorites already one hour before the event started. That was also the time when we were […]

Mister & Miss CAS 2014 at NORSU

10 gorgeous young woman and 10 handsome young man were on stage of the NORSU gym last night to compete for the Mister & Miss CAS 2014 title. We were able to sneak in backstage to see the nervous candidates preparing for their catwalk. Backstage at NORSU Mister & Miss CAS 2014 Not only the […]