Wayboga Festival 2017

Amlan – Negros Oriental


The celebration of the Wayboga Festival 2017 showdown in Amlan was held yesterday, July 21. Even with the skies glooming throughout the day, the weather did not stop the people of Amlan to celebrate their ‘smoke-free’ festival.

Wayboga Festival Showdown

Wayboga Festival is translated in the Visayan dialect as “No Smoke” (way boga/ walay boga). It marks an important reminder of discipline and environmental awareness to all the people of Amlan. This year, the celebration of the 8th Wayboga Festival was made successful thanks to the organization of city government officers.

The showdown was delayed as schedule due to the weather conditions. However, the program was smooth once the four contingents arrived at the Amlan Gym. Most of the contingents were high school students of Amlan representing their respective schools.


Before everything was too dark, the show was on! The first contestant prepared themselves as the lights went off and the cheers went on. The storyline of festival showcases how the “Smoke-Free” regulation has saved many lives. Each of the four-contestant made a short role play before the actual festivity dancing to show case how important it is to keep the “No Smoking” policy in Amlan.

What makes the Wayboga Festival so special is that is has everything from comedy, thriller, true-to-life situations, great cerography and dancing spirit. By around 7pm the winners were announced and it was time for a short disco/party celebration.

Congratulations to all of you!

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