Cata-al Memorial Museum

Valencia – Negros Oriental

The history of the American-Japanese settlers in Negros Oriental, more specifically in Valencia, had made a great impact in our cultural heritage as a Negrense. For people who wish to visit a historical place full of the wonders one can flashback to during the World War II, the Cata-al Memorial Museum in Valencia is the right place to visit.

Family History

Porferio Cata-al Sr., now a man of age, was the first of his family line to start collecting small pieces of weaponry during the World War II. He managed to stay alive even during the dark cold war of his time and found a positive perspective in stacking his collections among his ordinary things at home. His collections were the clear evidences of optimism to see the real world in both the solidity and fantasy forms.

Collocation of Antiques

After the war simmered down, Porferio Cata-al Sr. settled and collected even more items that later on to this point became antiques. His son Felix Constantino Villa Cata-al  later on helped his father in collecting these items. During their father-son bonding they collected different weaponry like grenade, guns, bullets, canon balls, bombs, canon, daggers, gas masks, helmets and soldier uniforms. They collected as well non-weaponry antiques like old wrist watches, pocket watches, pins, lamps, bells, typewriters, books, water containers, disks, and a bunch of old coins.


Getting to the Cata-al Museum

The Cata-al Memorial Museum in Valencia is located along the highway road going to the Valencia proper. Getting there would not be very hard. One can ask any local where the famous Cata-al Memorial Museum is and would get the directions needed. The jeepney or local ride only costs about Php 12.00 in reaching the Valencia proper. Upon arriving at the Valencia proper, one can take another tricycle ride going to the destination.

The Cata-al Memorial Museum is open for all and has no entrance fee. However, there is a donation box for those who wish to consider in sustaining the progress of the museum. The Cata-al Memorial Museum is indeed full of historical wonders that one must just see during their visit here in Dumaguete or Negros.

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