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Carabao de Colores 2018 in Vallehermoso – Video

The Carabao de Colores Festival 2018 in Vallehermoso is not only about the colorful and cheerful fun. Find out more and Watch the Carabao Festival here!

Carabao de Colores – Carabao Festival 2018

The celebration of the Carabao de Colres 2018 in Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental is the first ever of its kind in the whole island of Negros. This Carabao Festival took part in changing Vallehermoso’s history last May 15 – 20, 2018. The week-long fiesta held great events. Click here to read the full story!

Carabao de Colores 2018 in Vallehermoso - Negros Oriental

Carabao de Colores 2018 in Vallehermoso – Negros Oriental

Vallehermoso will hold this year’s fiesta celebration with a new theme that will be presented by the Kanglambat Festival. The Carabao de Colores 2018 will be the first celebration of its kind in Vallehermoso from May 15 – 20, 2018. Check the schedule of Carabao de Colores 2018 in Vallehermoso here!

Miss Kanglambat 2017 - Vallehermoso Negros Oriental

Miss Kanglambat 2017

Nine lovely candidates who battle their way to the title as Miss Kanglambat 2017. See the galleries here to see who proudly claimed the honors.

Kanglambat Festival 2017

Kanglambat Festival 2017

Kanglambat Festival 2017 in Vallehermoso is celebrated from May 10th -15th. Highlight events includes Kanglambat street-dancing and MissVallehermoso 2017.

Kanglambat Festival 2016

Kanglambat Festival 2016 – Vallehermoso

It was our second visit at the Kanglambat Festival 2016 in Vallehermoso, the most northern province of Negros Oriental. The dancers were doing their very best to entertain all spectators, despite the heat.

Miss Vallehermoso 2015

Miss Vallehermoso 2015


A packed auditorium witnessed the Miss Vallehermoso 2015 pageant. After the usual delay, the prayers, the national anthem and greetings finally the main attraction entered the stage. We used that “warm-up” time to sneak backstage to catch some of the contestants as well as some VIPs and other more or less important people.

No beauty pageant without festival costume. The search for Miss Vallehermoso 2015 made no difference. They were colorful and well presented by the aspiring beauty queens. As were the black bikinis, the most anticipated round of the contest.

Before the candidates for Miss Vallehermoso presented their evening outfit to the spectators they also showed their talents. Once again need to be said that in the age of multimedia the talents might be in a different field than stage-performances. There was little reaction of the audience. It is just a rumor that most felt asleep. The candidates certainly caught up with a lively and gracious comeback during their appearance in gowns.

Congratulations Miss Vallehermoso 2015

Miss Vallehermoso 2015

Kanglambat Festival

Kanglambat Festival 2015 – Vallehermoso

Kanglambat Festival

Thirteen (or was it fourteen) contingents from different Elementary Schools were participating in the Kanglambat Festival 2015 showdown in Vallehermoso. Even there were only the youngsters participating, the performances were colorful, enthusiastic and very well performed. Following some pictures of the Kanglambat Showdown in loose order.

Vallehermoso Fiesta 2015

Vallehermoso – Kanglambat Festival

Vallehermoso Fiesta 2015

Vallehermoso is celebrating the annual town Fiesta and the Kanglambat Festival 2015 this coming week. Following the Events of the Fiesta with the Highlight being the search for Miss Vallehermoso 2015 on Thursday Evening and the Kanglambat Festival the following day.

Schedule of Activities

Tuesday May 12, 2015

8:00 AM Opening Parade, Jon and Agro Fair
7:00 PM Balikbayan and Parish Night Featuring: PORK and BEANS

Wednesday May 13, 2015

8:00 AM Open Invitational Football Festival (Mayor Joniper T. Villegas Cup)
Baketball Tournament Final Games
7:00 PM Department of Education Night

Thursday May 14, 2015

6:00 PM Open Modern Dance Competition
9:00 PM Search for Miss Vallehermoso 2015

Friday May 15, 2015

1:00 PM Kanglambat Festival
8:00 PM Swimwear Competition , La Playa Night Featuring: Bryan Termulo and Youtube Sensation Chikita. Back to Back Live Band featuring: Raviola and Skillage Band

Happy Fiesta Vallehermoso