Miss Kanglambat 2017

Vallehermoso – Negros Oriental

Miss Kanglambat 2017 - Vallehermoso Negros Oriental

Miss Kanglambat is one of the highlight events during the celebration of the Kanglambat Festival here in Vallehermoso. The pageant was divided into five different categories. (Production number, swim wear, talent, evening gown and question and answer).

Candidates in their Festival Costumes

The Miss Kanglambat production number was presented on stage with different vibrant colors as the candidates wear their best festival costumes. With gold, headdress, feathers and other eye-catching accessories, the candidates proudly walked as the festival costumes added them more beauty on stage.

Special thanks to all the VIPs and VUPs who made the event such a wonderful show for all to see. Extended gratitude is sent as well to all the circus performers who managed to put in a thrilling and heart-racing performance despite the minor tragedy. Better not use “break a leg” as an expression next time.

Simmering hot in their Swim Wear

Sizzzzz… one of the most uprising part of the evening is of course the Swim Wear. With eyes all glued to the flawless curves and figures of the candidates, who are we to blame for the audience to cheer and admire them during this heated event.

Ding-ding-ding! Talent Round

Beauty and brains are important in a beauty pageant, but talent is what makes a complete package of a true Miss Kanglambat here in Vallehermoso. Extreme emotions and passion were seen during the talent round as the nine lovely candidates danced, sing and played their instrument and even dramatized a play.

Pose, grace and elegance-the Evening Gown

Just as exciting as the swim wear competition, the evening gown showed how pose and graceful these nine lovely candidates could be. Sophisticated in their royal blue gowns, the candidates were as elegant, fierce and at the same time sweet as a Miss Kanglambat can be. These ladies deserved a warm pat and the back for showing and trying their very best.

Miss Kanglambat 2017 - Vallehermoso Negros Oriental - Philippin

Congratulations, Miss Kanglambat 2017!!!

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