Carabao de Colores 2018

Carabao Festival 2018 – Vallehermoso – Negros Oriental

Carabao de Colores 2018 - Vallehermoso - Negros Oriental

The celebration of the Carabao de Colres 2018 in Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental is the first ever of its kind in the whole island of Negros. This Carabao Festival took part in changing Vallehermoso’s history last May 15 – 20, 2018. This week-long celebration composed of great events such as festival street dancing and showdown, festival queen pageant, sand castle competition, paint party and a whole lot more!

The DC-Team are glad for the invitation of Sir. Mike Ocampo, Tourism Office of Vallehermoso and of course to the ever-active  Vallehermoso Mayor Marianne Serion Gustilo for allowing us to take part of this history changing event in Negros Oriental. The trip started as early as six in the morning when our team journeyed for about four hours from Dumaguete City going to Vallehermoso. Upon arriving we were warmly welcomed to our accommodation made by the organizers at a small but convenient enough room.

The first part of the actual carabao interaction was the rodeo, however for the safety of the carabaos the event was cancelled as the afternoon heat continued to surge with heat. The DC-Team had time to relax and enjoy Vallehermoso before the next event of the following day.

Carabao Festival 2018 Street Dancing and Showdown

The street dancing parade and showdown of the Carabao de Colores 2018 took place on May 18, 2018 around the town streets and fronting the municipal hall, respectively. There are seven performing groups that each represent the theme of this first Carabao Festival…RAINBOW! Yes, the colors of the rainbow burst through out the town of Vallehermoso waking up the sleepy energy the town can attain. For the first time in history, the people of Vallehermoso saw the beauty of a fully painted carabaos!

It was indeed a unique event. The cleaners and sweepers had the toughest job of following the carabao and cleaning up their mess due to maybe pressure or excitement. Never the less, both the showdown and street dancing was successful!

Carabao de Colores Festival Queen 2018

The fun doesn’t end there! The following day the search for the first ever Miss Carabao de Colores Festival Queen pageant was on! There are seven candidates each representing the ROY G BIV color of the rainbow. Unlike most beauty pageant there was not much of a change in their attire. Sorry boys, no bikini round.

There were four different rounds competition: introduction and opening dance, solo performance, group performance and finally question and answer. The only attire they wore throughout the pageant are the originally designed and locally made festival gowns their local handlers made. The motif of the attire is to be a Spanish inspired gowns in accordance with where their Patron Saint Isidro the Laborer came from.

After the awarding of the different categories and events, it was time to cool off and party. Disco and Acoustic Night was on to celebrate the week-long success of the first ever Carabao de Colores in Vallehermoso and Negros Oriental. We hope to see and be part of the Carabao de Colores Festival next year.

Happy Fiesta Vallehermoso!!!

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