Carabao de Colores 2018 in Vallehermoso

Carabao Festival Video | Negros Oriental

The first ever Carabao Festival in Negros Oriental and Negros Island has been recently held in the municipality of Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental. The Carabao de Colores Festival 2018 in Vallehermoso is not only about the colorful and cheerful fun but about being kind to animals such as the carabao as well. It is not every day that you see a colorful carabao wearing headdresses or anything. And for those who are animal lovers, the municipality had to prove that there are not any law violations. Here is a surprise…it is actually not prohibited to celebrate a carabao festival! The used colors are water-based and even food safe. They don´t cause any harm to the animals.

Watch the Carabao de Colores 2018 – Carabao Festival in Vallehermoso here:


Vallehermoso is home to the beautiful landforms, mountains, and valleys. Celebrating the Carabao Festival is one way of showcasing their abundant harvest. Just like the carabaos the people of Vallehermoso are hard working and determined. Viva La Vida Vallehermoso!

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