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Siaton Fiesta 2022

Siaton Fiesta 2022 will be held from Nov. 13 – Dec. 9, 2022. This long fiesta celebration is packed with many events for everyone to enjoy! Full schedule here.

Inagta Festival 2019 in Siaton

The Inagta Festival 2019 of Siaton was a major success as it ends the major festivities in the province of Negros Oriental. Read more & view pictures here!

Tourist Spots in Siaton – Video

There are many Tourist Spots in Siaton, however, here are the top three that stands out. Watch Video here and learn more about Siaton, Negros Oriental.

Miss Siaton 2018

Twenty-six lovely ladies, 1 crown, 1 title…who will be the rightful Miss Siaton 2018? Read more here and view pictures and video!

Siaton Fiesta 2018 – Schedule of Activities

Siaton will be celebrating their fiesta from November 16 to December 06, 2018. Check out the Siaton Fiesta 2018 Schedule of Events here!

Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017 - Swim wear

Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017

WIth the Siaton 2017 Fiesta celebrations, the search for the Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017 marks as one of the highlights of the whole event. Gallery here.

Siaton Fiesta 2017 - Schedule of Activities

Siaton Fiesta 2017 – Schedule of Activities

Siaton Fiesta 2017 will be celebrating the town activities from November 18 to December 06, 2017. Click here to see the schedule of activities.

Miss Siaton 2016

Siaton Festival Queen 2016

The search for the Siaton Festival Queen 2016 was an open contest. Find some of the best pictures of the talent and the coronation night here.

Inagta Festival Siaton

Inagta Festival 2015 – Siaton

The Inagta Festival in Siaton is probably the oldest Festival of Negros Oriental. It is a celebration of authentic Negrense culture

Miss Siaton 2015

Miss Siaton 2015

The search for Miss Siaton is part of the annual Fiesta celebrations of the municipality in the South of Negros Oriental. The event started spot on at 8:00pm with a delay.