Siaton Festival Queen 2016

Siaton Festival Queen 2016 -Talent Night

As we felt very welcome last year when traveling to Siaton for their fiesta celebrations, we decided to do the trip even two times this year as the search for the Siaton Festival Queen 2016 was an event split over several days. We need to be honest and admit, that under the new administration and with new people in many offices we even felt better and more welcome as the year before. The beauty pageant is an open competition and the candidates came also from other municipalities. So it was probably a good decision to name the title “Siaton Festival Queen” and not Miss Siaton 2016.

Siaton Festival Queen 2016 - Talent Night

Siaton Festival Queen 2016 – Talent Night

We skipped the presentation and traveled down the south of Negros for the Talent Night which was held in the municipality gym which was packed with people and expectations. After the obligatory delay of more than one hour, the talent night started with a rather hot production number which brought the audience in a few seconds to almost boiling-point.

Of course, as it is at an event like this, there are always some more or less important people and celebrities around. Siaton was no exception. The difference was that most intermissions were and some other guests were some well-known entertainers from Manila, which put on a rather professional,  good and also funny show as you can see in the following pictures.

When it came to the presentation of the talents, the field was pretty much slit. Some candidates may be outstanding in some of their hobbies and recreational activities like volleyball or swimming, however, as that does not work on a stage, they need to do something their “handler” suggests. We saw in the last 18 month 15 times a girl laying on her back with the feet in the air having a funny face on her back. It is funny the first time for about 15 seconds, maybe 16 seconds,if one sees it the first time but not longer… “Please, please please, think about anything else, thank you! We feel actually pity for the lady, there is nothing to score with any judge anymore with that performance.”

Siaton Festival Queen 2016 – Coronation Night

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In this case a guy in charge of 1 projector had the Governor, Officials, VIPs candidates and especially the audience waiting for way too long until he finally arrived delayed for whatever reason. When the show finally started it turned out to run smooth like a well oiled engine, where everything works together just perfect. Knowing the stunning contestants already from the talent night we knew that it will be an awesome evening in the municipality of Siaton, and our high expectations were not only fulfilled, but exceeded, but see yourself.

Siaton Festival Queen 2016 – Bikini Round

We recognized some in the audience with open mouth during the whole bikini round, Others had shiny eyes and the third part of the guys in the audience had the elbow of their asawa multiple times in their ribs to make sure they don’t get too enthusiastic. WOW is basically all we can say.

ALsy but not least the nine beautiful ladies in evening gown. It is is certainly no understatement that probably anybody would go with any of this gorgeous contest in that outfit into an opera/house, even one does not like that kind of music.

Congratulations to the

Siaton Festival Queen 2016

Siaton Festival Queen 2016
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