Inagta Festival 2023

Siaton, Negors Oriental

Inagta Festival 2023 - Siaton

It has been a while since the DC Team was able to travel to Siaton, Negros Oriental. However, on December 05, we finally got on a road-trip for the for the Inagta Festival 2023.

The Inagta Festival is a vibrant and colorful celebration held annually in Siaton, Negros Oriental, Philippines. It takes place every December 4-6, coinciding with the feast of the town’s patron saint, San Nicolas de Bari. The Inagta Festival plays a crucial role in preserving the cultural heritage of the Negritos and promoting cultural awareness.

Inagta Festival 2023 – Marching Bands & Street Dancing

This years Inagta Festival had only 4 contingents. The organizers did a great job, to combine them with marching bands between. That resulted in a great parade through the streets of the municipality of Siaton in the south of the Island of Negros.

Despite being December, which is supposed to be the cooler season here in Negros Oriental, the sun blessed the participants and all spectators with its brightest smile.

The DC-Team had to drive back to their home-base late afternoon and could not watch the Inagta showdown in the Gym. The lights in the venue were not sufficient anyway, to make that kind of colorful pictures, you are used from us. However, we has a great time in Siaton and are looking forward to another visit.

See you all again in Siaton at the Inagta Festival 2024!


Watch the Inagta Festival 2023 Video below:

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