Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017

Negros Oriental | Philippines

Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017 - Coronation Night

In celebration with the Siaton Fiesta 2017, the search for a the Siaton Queen 2017 is essential for the whole event. This beauty pageant is an open competition, where in beauty queens from all over the Philippines gets to compete in the grand event of the Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017.

Talent Night – Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017

The Talent Night competition of the Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017 was held days before the coronation night, December 01, 2017. Several great performances were showcased by the ten candidates competing for this year’s title and crown as Miss Siaton Queen 2017.

Siaton Fiesta Queen Coronation Night

The DC Team have been very grateful for the wonderful host Siaton has been. Thank you for the pick up and the drop off from the Siaton municipality, to the mayor and his family, and of course to the Tourism Office of Siaton who provided us with great seats to provide you readers and viewers the feeling of being in the actual beauty pageant.


The coronation night was held last December 04, 2017 at the Siaton Gymnasium. The show was organized well and went to a nice smooth flow with out any interruptions and technical difficulties. After the respective prayers, national anthem and words of welcome, it was time to finally meet the ten lovely candidates in the production number!

Swimwear Competition

The production number brought hundreds of people in the audience to their feet as they cheered for their favorite candidates. In the Swimwear Competition, even more people cheered as they feast their eyes on the flawless curves and beauty of the candidates. With the theme of green, all the candidates were able to complement their body with two variation of swim wears, a one piece swimsuit and a front covered/connected two piece.

Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017 - Swim wear

Evening Gown

Despite the fact that the green swim wears in the previous round gave a lot of skin to show, the candidates of the Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen knew how to demure themselves with both elegance and grace. In this round, the each of the candidates were also tested with a few questions. To be crowned as a Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen, one must be both hold the beauty of inside and out who looks forward into clean intention for the betterment of others. All the candidates did a fantastic job in the competition, and they were all awarded with the warm round of cheers and applause from the audience.

Congratulations to all the Winners of Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017!
Happy Fiesta Siaton!!!

Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2017-Winner
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