Sinulog sa Tanjay Festival 2017

Street Dancing & Showdown

Sinulog sa Tanjay 2017

The Sinulog sa Tanjay Festival is one of the main events during the fiesta week celebration in the city of Tanjay. Participated by 24 barangays, the Sinulog showdown and street dancing lasted for the whole day.

Sinulog sa Tanjay

Short History of the Sinulog sa Tanjay

Long ago, women would be taken away by their enemies called Moro. Upon knowing this, the native Christian men of their village set forth to battle. The native Christians from the village were almost defeated during the battle, but the women prayed hard to Señor Santiago to help them. Alas! In Señor Santiagos miraculous works the Moros were defeated.

Since then the people of Tanjay celebrates the Sinulog sa Tanjay as a sign of great thanksgiving to the city’s patron saint, Señor Santiago.

Street Dancing and Showdown

The festivity started with an assembly meeting at the Tanjay Gymnasium as early as 7:00 in the morning. Before anything else happens, it is important to bless the participants during their dance. The fighting sector of the dance is composed of real fight scenery. After the priests sprinkled the holy water to everyone in the gym, it was time to slowly fill the streets.

The drums were already lined up around the plaza streets along with the dancers of 24 barangays. At around 10:40am the street dancing started. It seems as all people of Tanjay, whether old or young, stood in on the streets to watch despite the heat.

After to the long street dancing parade of the Sinulog sa Tanjay, the contingents and the audience were given time to eat before showdown. Most of the dancers were gathered around the gymnasium with their packed lunch so that they will be on time during the showdown. It was past two in the afternoon when everyone was back to finally watch the show. The gym was backed by a crowd of both locals and visitors.

The host of the show read the criteria and rules, then it was show time! The drummers banged on their drums as the first barangay contestant set foot of the dance floor. The crowd went wild especially during the fighting sector of the dance. One can almost wonder that despite the dangers of the fighting scene, not a single dancer was harmed nor injured. Some would tumble and roll yet smile to finish off the dance.

Overall, the Sinulog sa Tanjay Festival this year is indeed a miraculous and joyful event not only for the locals but for visitors all over Negros as well. We thank the Tanjay City Mayor Reynaldo Concepcion for allowing us to experience the festivity of Tanjay. Till next year.

Happy Fiesta Tanjay City!

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